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Spoiling your man shouldn’t be an over-the-top stressful event. Men are relatively simple & creatures of comfort. So how about something that is super soft on his skin, moves with his body, and cradles his most precious asset. Doesn’t that sound heavenly & perfect for your man?

Sexy, Fun & Comfortable

Shinesty Ball Hammock Boxers retails $25.99 USD each

The most comfortable underwear you’ll ever wear.

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At first glance, you would think Shinesty Ball Hammock boxers are just another novelty underwear brand. This is where you are so wrong! Once you feel the fabric and your man tries them on for the first time; you will realize Shinesty Ball Hammock boxers really are the Victoria’s Secret for men.

Let’s talk quality. The material Shinesty uses for their ball hammock boxers feel incredibly luxurious. The silk-like fabric is called ‘MicroModal‘, which is meant to feel super soft against skin in sensitive areas. It’s meant to provide a comfortable, ‘I’m wearing nothing at all‘ vibe, which is something we all look for in our undergarments.

Moisture wicking material.

Ball Hammock’ design to cradle his plums.

Made with super soft MicroModal fabric, which is 3x softer than cotton.

Huge selection of fun, novel & solid designs.

The Shinesty boxers held up very well when washed. I noticed the fabric on the Shinesty boxer-briefs did NOT pill. Something I initially thought may happen after I felt how soft the fabric was. I would hang-dry these boxers like any ‘delicates’ we own, or dry them on ‘low tumble heat‘ in the dryer. One of my biggest worries were the leg openings. Boxer-brief leg openings tend to stretch out like ruffled bell-bottom jeans after one washing. The Shinesty ball hammock boxers did not even lose its shape, shrink or fade! They fit and look just as good on my husband than the first time he wore them.

What really makes Shinesty Ball Hammock boxers briefs unique, is its design. When you peek on the inside, there is a shallow pocket so your man can gently place his precious twins inside. It’s not meant to pack the boys in, they won’t fit! It is meant to cradle and support the jewels. Comfort not constriction is the goal.

True to size.

4-way stretch.

Fly opening option.

Photo Credit: Shinesty.com

My husband took Shinesty Ball Hammock boxers for the ‘work’ test. His job requires a lot of movement and sweat. He has split many boxers from the repetitive squatting and lifting movements from delivering packages. Shinesty held up and stayed put! They didn’t bunch or get ‘swampy’ from sweating. My husband appreciated the performance they provided while he was hard at work.

Photo Credit: Shinesty.com
Overall he felt comfortable and protected. There was no adjusting the twig and berries throughout the work day or general ‘flopping around’, just all day coziness for his meat and potatoes.

What sets Shinesty Ball Hammock boxers apart from the others is that your man will no longer have to suffer from ‘bat wings‘. You heard that right, bat-wings. Bat wings are when your man’s chicken tenders stick to his inner thighs. This causes discomfort and even embarrassment if they have to adjust and unstick in public. That awesome cradle in Shinesty’s boxers lifts up his man marbles and separates them from bat wing disaster.

Shinesty underwear is also eco-friendly! The super soft fabric, ‘MicroModal‘, is made from sustainable beech wood trees.

Photo Credit: Shinesty

Can we get to MY favorite part ?Shinesty created what a push up bra does for our sweater stretchers, but instead for your mans two jeweled cane. They enhance and push up his goods. I couldn’t peel my eyes away due to the shock and awe of the whole package. Shinesty boxers had me impressed, proud & viciously protective over my man.

Shinesty Ball Hammock Boxers are a win win for men AND women! Ready to spoil him?

Shinesty For Women??!

Shinesty Cheeky Underwear retails $17.99 USD each
Shinesty Thong Underwear retails $14.99 USD each

You read correctly. Shinesty makes women’s underwear as well. It has the same super soft micromodal fabric. No frills or lace. Just fabulous comfort with tons of sex appeal. The cheekys (which are my FAVORITE) have a super comfortable waistband and the thongs are seamless. It feels like I am going commando when I rock my Shinesty underwear. Not only do Shinesty’s women’s underwear feel great, they are breathable too! Which we all know, is very important for us ladies.


Monthly underwear subscriptions are also available.

Photo Credit: Shinesty

Boy did my husband look GOOD! The fit, the fun designs and dare I say the ‘bulge‘ (I’m blushing over here!) It was all perfect! I can see why men love the way Shinesty Ball Hammock Boxers perform and why women love the way they look.

Shinesty is more than just underwear. They carry an array of fun themed items for men and women. From suits & dresses to jackets & sunglass. Something fun for any occasion & anyone.

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