Prevent Holiday Burnouts with This Coffee and Cookie Subscription

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November is almost here which means the countdown until Christmas will be beginning soon, Endless hours will be spent in checkout lines, scouring sales ads, wrapping gifts and hiding them until the big day arrives. Don’t get burnt out with exhaustion when treating yourself is as simple as subscribing to Match Made Cookie, who delivers both coffee and a perfectly matched cookie right to your door. How perfect is that? Not much of a coffee drinker? That’s okay too! Gift this subscription to the coffee lover in your life for the perfect pick me up.

Match Made Coffee Peruvian Chanchamayo

Match Made Cookie prides itself in sending out 2 different types of coffees that each are each paired with the perfect cookie to give the optimal blend of flavors so you can truly enjoy this luxurious treat.  Every month, like clockwork you will receive 2 new blends of coffee and 2 new cookies (one for each coffee) to broaden not only your tastes but to also allow you to enjoy how different yet enriching other brews you may not normally grab truly are.

In my first Match Made Coffee subscription box, I received Peruvian Chanchamayo paired with a Chocolate Truffle cookie and a traditional French Roast paired with a Pancakes and Bacon Cookie (You read that right, Pancakes and Bacon Cookie!?!).

The first brew from Match Made Coffee that I tried was the Peruvian Chanchamayo, which is a light/medium roast that is described as having a beautiful balance of light floral flavors and sweet dark chocolate. O.M.G. There are no words to give justice to the taste bud explosion you will get from this combination of flavors of the coffee and the Chocolate Truffle cookie that was paired with this brew. I am the type of person who loves a sweet treat with their coffee in the mornings and a chocolate treat with my coffee is a huge winner for me!  Being a mom, my coffee is usually always reheated so lately I have been sticking to iced coffee and paired with Peruvian Chanchamayo, you can’t go wrong when using this brew as an iced coffee or a piping hot coffee to truly awaken your soul from the previous night’s slumber. Or in this holiday shopping season, awakening your sense with that caffeinated goodness to strive forward on your gifting adventure!

The second brew in my Match Made Coffee subscription box was a traditional French Roast paired with a Pancakes & Bacon cookie. I have to admit I was a little skeptical on the cookie portion. I LOVE Bacon and I enjoy pancakes from time to time but I can’t say I have jumped on the bandwagon for desserts using bacon at this point in time. I do think Match Made Cookies, Pancakes & Bacon cookie may have added a little bit of excitement though for me to try other sweet treats that use bacon because this cookie was perfect. IT was soft as I enjoy my cookies to be and it was also sweet but not an overpowering sweet. (Can I tell my husband I ate a well-balanced breakfast if I only eat these cookies? I mean it does have bacon after all. ??). I am honestly much of a Dark Roast fan which is what French Roast is but my husband really enjoyed this brew. Enough to ask me where I bought it from and if I could pick up more. I let him know about Match Made Coffee and we are heavily considering a subscription just to add a little happy mail to our mailbox. A monthly surprise with the perfectly paired blends of coffee and a sweet treat for my sweet tooth. You can check out Match Made Coffee’s subscription plans HERE.

Prevent Holiday Burnouts with This Coffee and Cookie Subscription

I really love how each packet of ground coffee from Match Made Cookie actually comes with more than one serving of coffee for you to brew. I have easily made 3, 5cup pots from 1 pouch using 3 scoops of ground coffee. I even have a little bit still left in each bag after brewing that many cups from them already. I will add though that how much use you get from each packet depends on your coffee maker as well as how you like your coffee. For my cheapo Mr. Coffee, coffee maker 3 scoops of ground coffee to 5 cups of water is the sweet spot. (Cheap but reliable, what’s better than that?) The fact you get multiple brews though is a huge plus in my book and it makes the subscription worth so much more in my opinion. My sweet tooth is begging for more cookies though! Match Made Coffees cookies are absolutely delectable and I just know I won’t find anything close to it in store.

Maybe I should Pinterest a recipe for the Chocolate Truffle Cookie and the Pancakes & Bacon cookie from Match Made Coffee.. What could go wrong right?

Should I post my Pinterest finds (or fails)?

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