Innovative Multi-Flask to Up Your Water Intake

It is known that increasing your water intake has positive outcomes when it comes to our bodies. Especially when it comes to skin care and weight loss. Two HOT topics that women are constantly being bombarded with. What if I told you that there is a multi-flask out there that could change your whole outlook on ingesting more water as well as other beverages?

Precidio Multi-Flask
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I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have heard the usual “ugh” with a hint of disgust when someone is told to drink more water. Then come the excuses of ” I don’t like the way it tastes” or the string of excuses that follow after. While most of this is mind over matter, some of it is just a motivation of willpower to drink more H2O.

Innovative Multi-Flask to Up Your Water Intake

The thing is, you do not have to truly drink just plain water to up your water intake. Let your Creativity out! Explore the horizon of different beverages with water as the primary staple. Whether it be non-sweetened teas, fruit-infused beverages or fresh juices there are options out there!

The Precidio Multi-Flask makes drinking water easier than ever.

First and foremost, Precidio Multi-Flask is a 7 in 1 travel beverage system. What does that even mean?!? It means that this multi-flask can be used for hot coffee, hot tea, cold beverages, fruit infusions, as an insulated cup for cold or hot beverages, for smoothies/powdered drinks, and it can even be used to cold brew coffee.

Precidio 7 in 1 Multi Flask
Photo Credit: Precidio Design

The Precidio 7 in 1 Flask pretty much comes with 2 drink containers and then it comes with an agitator to act as a filter for beverages that need it, a tea infuser, a fruit infusion “basket”, a spout lid, and a silicone spout lid.

My favorite options that the Precidio Multi-Flask offers are the option to make infused water, tea, and cold brew coffee. All of which use water! Health-friendly depending on how you choose to doctor up your beverages.

Precidio Multi-Flask Travel Mug

The Precidio Multi-Flask can be found on Amazon (2-day shipping for Prime holders).

What tips and tricks work for you when it comes to drinking more water?

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  1. I don’t like to drink a lot of water. It seems to be a hassle even though its really good for you. I try to plant bottles all around the house. That way It reminds me to drink it! I like adding fruit pieces to the water so it gives me a little taste and fruit is also good for you too. I can easily drink more water when its room temperature vs being colder.

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