Not Your Average Cosmetic Brushes

Now these are not your average cosmetic brushes and I’m pretty sure if you’re on Instagram, you’ve seen these type of brushes all over beauty fanatics’ pages.

Puff Cosmetic brushes

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These look very similar to another brand of cosmetic brushes that’s all the rave now by all beauty lover that’s tried them.  They do however cost a pretty penny. So, if you’re in the market for these type of cosmetic brushes, then I would definitely give the ones I have a try.

I received these “Puff Cosmetic Brushes” from Gear Best.  The package comes with 10 unique brushes for different applications. They’re not numbered or detailed on which ones to use for what application. I just had to figure out how I was going to use each one.

Cheap alternative to Artis brushes

The four I have pictured below are the ones that I use the most out of the ten.

Artis cosmetic brush alternative

I use the biggest of the 4 for applying my face creams like my serums, spf face lotions, and my MAC Strobe cream for all over my face, then I use the 2nd biggest one for my cream foundation, the 3rd biggest one to apply my contour and to blend it, and the 4th biggest to apply my highlighter.

Once you receive your brushes, you should run them under cold water and let air dry prior to your first use. Just to make sure that you’re starting off with clean brushes.

These are packed with a gazillion dense bristles. Seriously, I don’t know how many is in there. They are super soft and they won’t soak up your products. Which means that you don’t waste anything!

Artis foundation brush alternative

The handles are made with plastic and they’re not as sturdy as the other brand’s handles but they get the job done.

The reason I love these type of cosmetic brushes is that they save you a ton of time and they blend your beauty products exceptionally well!

I try to sleep in as much as possible in the mornings, so when I can save time, I’m all for it! There are times in the mornings that I have to think about if I want to put makeup on or do I want to sleep in a little longer. Now, I just use these to save some time.

You do have to get use to them at first but after you get the hang of them, you’ll never switch back to the normal brushes.

I was an avid user of blending sponges for my foundations but now it literally takes me a minute to apply and blend out my foundation for a flawless look!  Using my blending sponges, I would have to bounce bounce bounce that thing all over my face and neck making sure that my foundation was blended well.  It took some time but the finish was always flawless. But these puff cosmetic brushes gets my foundation flawless in half the time if not less.

If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing the other brand of brushes but don’t want to spend all that cash, these brushes from Gear Best are your best bet!  For all ten brushes, it will cost you about $18!  You can’t even purchase one of the other brand’s brushes for that amount.

Here’s a couple close up pictures of the ten brushes that you will receive.

Artis cosmetic brush alternative

Artis Alternative cosmetic brushes

The Gear Best website has a ton of different products that you can use everyday but these brushes are what I’ve wanted!

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 What brushes/tools do you use to apply your makeup? 

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