Monstrously Good Fun For Your Little Ones this Halloween

Monstrously Good Fun For Your Little Ones this Halloween - OOLY scented markers pencils and erasers - The Toothless Monster book and activity kit
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Monstrously Good Fun For Your Little Ones this Halloween Monstrously Good Fun For Your Little Ones this Halloween Monstrously Good Fun For Your Little Ones this Halloween

Fall has started and Halloween is upon us! I haven’t decorated a single thing, which is shocking. My little Miss has been reminding me almost daily about her school party that is coming up. Usually I pack little treat bags for each of the kids and include candy and stickers. This year I want to provide them with sugar-free treats, providing instead a little more fuel for their imagination.

Ooly Provides Big Treats for Tiny Hands

My daughter is in her last year of preschool and is learning to read and write many letters of the alphabet. She’s learning about safety, trees, nature, and holidays. She loves to sit down with any notebook she can find and draw for hours.

My daughter also has a bad habit of running off with my pens and pencils. I wanted to provide her with her own ‘school’ supplies to practice her letters. However, I was also looking for something different that would keep her attention.

Monstrously Good Fun For Your Little Ones this Halloween - OOLY Mini Monster Scented Markers

OOLY Mini Monster Scented Markers not only grabbed Luna’s attention immediately but also kept her coloring in her coloring book for HOURS. The neon, bright colors brought life to her drawings. Not only do these little markers have funny faces, but they also smell great! Scents include melon, banana, orange, strawberry, grape, and blueberry. Colors did not run or bleed and do not seem to stain clothes.

OOLY Monster Pencils come in a pack of 12 and feature cute, colorful monsters that will put a smile on a child’s face. I think we sharpened all of them in about 15 minutes because Miss Priss couldn’t pick her favorite. The pencils sharpened with ease and are not subject to breaking easy with her heavy handed drawing.

Monstrously Good Fun For Your Little Ones this Halloween - monster pencils and erasers

Erase those monster mistakes with the silliest OOLY Monster Erasers. These little guys come in a set of three and feature a ‘cover’ that looks like the monster’s mouth which makes the eraser easier to hold. So far, they have been standing up to rough and frequent use. They have even went up against my slobbery dog who though they were treats! Mix and match jaws and arms to create your own custom Monster.

The Toothless Monster Teaches us about Adventure and the TOOTH-FAIRY

Follow along with Monte, The Toothless Monster, as he meets the Tooth-Fairy and completes tasks in order to earn his teeth. Monte teaches us about being different, helping others, and a little bit about partying.

The Toothless Monster book and activity

Keep track of your little monster’s tooth loss with the monster shaped tooth chart. Document teeth when they lose them!

Chose from Monte or Meli, a blue or purple monster with a special hidden pouch to hold teeth until the tooth fair comes. The plush monster is soft and snuggly; making it the perfect bedtime story partner.

The Toothless Monster comes with a set of detachable teeth that the Tooth Fairy’s assistant (an adult), keeps hidden in a safe place. Every time your child loses a tooth, you’ll secure one of the provided teeth in the monster’s mouth – it takes only seconds to do. Children will be thrilled to wake up and see their own toothless monster has completed an adventure.

How To Use The Toothless Monster

  • 1. When your child loses a tooth, you will together read The Toothless Monster® storybook to learn why not having teeth is a BIG problem for a little monster. Partway through, the book will instruct you to stop reading until your child has given a tooth to their monster.


  • 2. Before going to bed, your child will give their tooth to Monte or Meli by placing it in the secret tooth pouch located under the monster’s tongue.


  • 3. While your child sleeps, the Tooth Fairy (ahem) will collect the baby tooth and deliver it to Meli or Monte far away in their jungle home. While she is away doing that, you will snap into place one of the provided plastic teeth.


  • 4. Your final task as the Tooth Fairy’s assistant is to place the “thank you” gift(s) of your choosing next to your child’s monster. We recommend a dollar or two and a piece of fruit, but feel free to get creative!!
The Toothless Monster book and activity - meli the toothless monster

My daughter aduibly squealed when Melo was freed from her box. She was so excited that we barely made it through bath time. We sat down together before bed and read the story. So far, our little Meli has earned TWO teeth and Miss Priss has lost TWO teeth! How exciting!

For more sweet treats, books, and activities this Halloween season, check out our other recommendations!

What’s your favorite non-food gift item to add to your little one’s Halloween bucket?

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