Mom Approved Versatile Family Snack

Families love snacks. What type of snacks you do like? Snacks are perfect to enjoy as a quick treat between meals, on-the-go, or packed in a lunch! We are so excited to share with you a mom approved versatile family snack called LOVE CORN! 

Mom Approved Versatile Family Snack

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My son and I love snacks, however I tend not to buy them! When I buy snacks my son likes, they are gone in a matter of days, even when I buy in bulk! It’s just a waste of money when I try to buy snacks in bulk and they only last a day or two. There are also those rare times when I find snacks we both like. 

LOVE CORN comes in 4 flavors, including Habanero Chili, Smoked BBQ, Salt & Vinegar, and Sea Salt.

LOVE CORN Smoked BBQ in a dish

Perfect in salads, added to lunch, or as a quick snack. You can also enjoy these while watching your favorite shows and movies! LOVE CORN is full of flavor and surprisingly made with simple ingredients! LOVE CORN is so addicting, I highly recommend buying in bulk!

LOVE CORN Salt & Vinegar and Sea Salt

I like Salt & Vinegar and Sea Salt in my salads! I love the added crunch and tart taste in my salads! 

LOVE CORN Habanero Chili and Smoked BBQ

My favorite is Smoked BBQ! I love crunchy snacks and LOVE CORN fits the bill! I find these to be a great alternative to chips! When I snack on LOVE CORN is that it helps me get my water intake in! I am always thirsty! The perfect combo is a delicious snack and cold water! 

The Habanero Chili is my least favorite only because I don’t like spicy foods. If you love spicy food like my son, you will love the Habanero Chili! 

Mom Approved Versatile Family Snack - social media

Lastly, LOVE CORN is gluten free, vegan, made with GMO-free corn, plant-based, kosher, and sugar free.

LOVE CORN can be purchased on their website. Be sure to use coupon code MOMS to save 25% on all LOVE CORN products! Offer is valid until 10/31/21.

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