Miracle Skin Transformer’s Miracle Revival Mud Review

Miracle Skin Transformer’s Miracle Revival Mud Review

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Miracle Revival Mud is a mineral-enriched mud mask that works to improve hydration, firmness, and skin clarity, revealing a more even skin tone and reduced surface shine. A special absorbing action helps unclog pores, deliver natural nourishment, eliminate dead skin cells and detoxify impurities. Skin feels comfortably refreshed, invigorated, and youthful.

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My Thoughts:

I was really excited to receive this product to review. I’m in my early 40s now, though most people usually guess that I look at least 5-8 years younger than my actual age. However, this last year has brought some pretty major changes to my life. A lot of stress and sadness, family struggles, a heaping dose of ancient family history thrusting itself into the present, going back to work after 9 years at home with my kids only for it to not work out the way I’d hoped. But, its had it’s share of good things and happiness, too. All of these things have taken a toll on my personal energy, peace and tranquility, and my self-care routine. I feel like my face is showing this personal neglect more than I care to see when I happen to catch my reflection in the mirror. A skin restoring treatment mask like Miracle Revival Mud is just what I needed to

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These words on the side of the box of the Miracle Skin Transformer’s Miracle Revival Mud just exactly convey the positive actions that every woman’s skin deserves. And the little blurb below these words, indicating that the product contains antioxidants and vitamins with Manuka Honey, Green Tea and Mushroom extracts, Beta Glucans (to reduce skin surface redness), and extract of the Resurrection Plant (to stimulate cellular renewal and leaving a radiant finish on the surface of the skin) is very impressive, as well.

One paragraph, but these few words are like a balm for my soul right now. My skin has felt a bit dry and I have some areas that are always just a bit darker than others. Not too noticeable but they could definitely use a bit of TLC. I was blessed with pretty clear skin that naturally had a youthful glow. But, lately, “Blah” — that’s how I would describe my reaction when I look in the mirror these days. I want the days back when I liked how my skin looks.

The hardest part of using this product for me was sitting still for 15 whole minutes when I had the product on my face. Yeah, you have to leave it on for 15 minutes! After awhile I got smart and made sure I had a book to read. But, it’s not an everyday treatment, it says to use no more than twice a week. So, not too hard. It has a pleasant scent, too, just like the mud pies I used to make as a kid after a spring rain. It has a smooth consistency and feels great as you work it onto your skin, unlike the grittiness of those long-ago mud pies — no leaf bits, twigs pieces or tiny pebbles. Most importantly, I don’t have to find time in my busy schedule to use it every day so I don’t feel like it’s taking over my life or getting in the way of other things I need and want to do.

I can tell a big difference in how my skin looks after only a couple of weeks using the product. All those words on the side of the jar are evident when I look in the mirror now. “Invigorate, soothe, brighten, detoxify, anti-age, hydrate, firm, treat, revitalize…” I can see all of these things in my skin again now, at least a little more than before and am looking forward to continuing to use Miracle Skin Transformer’s Miracle Revival Mud. I’ve tried other products to hydrate my skin and bring the glow back, but this product has worked the best by far. My skin feels wonderful!

You can find this product at Kohl’s prestige beauty counters and Kohls online.  If you purchase Miracle Skin Transformer’s Miracle Revival Mud from the Kohl’s website you will also get a free gift with your order, a sample of Miracle Skin Transformer Vanish Instant Imperfection Corrector.

You can find Miracle Skin Transformer’s Miracle Revival Mud at Ulta, Amazon and Kohls.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free for purposes of review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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