Matcha Green Tea: A Superpowered Food (and Relaxing Face Mask!)

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As someone who has only just recently begun to drink tea, I can honestly say that I’ve been impressed by the beverage. Tea can be filling, soothing, energizing–it can perk you up for work, cool you down with some added ice, or relax you for bedtime, whatever you choose! And among all of the most revered teas is matcha. Matcha is a type of green tea, which is apparently chock-full of good ingredients for humans; green tea is already considered to be one of the better teas for you and has natural caffeine in it, but matcha is apparently something really special!

In order to test out this theory about matcha’s super-powered qualities, I received Pure Chimp’s Super Matcha Green Tea and Super Mint Matcha Green Tea. Both came in packets, but I have to tell you–a little goes a long way! I used only a teensy bit of the green tea–really, only a few pinches!–and it was enough to make the lovely face mask described below. Green tea can also be a drink (obviously), and it can be used in ice cream or cake frosting, but I chose to make up my own face mask because I had recently come across one in Redbook magazine. The Redbook recipe had a few more ingredients, including banana–but I prefer to eat my bananas instead, so I opted for a made-up mask that I created myself. Read on for the results!

I kept my mask very simple, mixing a few pinches of the Matcha Green Tea with just a little bit of water and stirring it with a spoon. I then applied the dark green liquid to my face (not unlike finger painting) and sat back to read a book. The story was not a relaxing one, and I wasn’t laying down, but after about twelve minutes I started to feel incredibly sleepy.

My skin also felt very tight and dry, as the mask had solidified a bit like a clay mask. It took quite a bit of washing to get all of the green off, and my skin WAS dry afterward, so I rewarded my reddened face with some heavy-duty moisturizer, which I discovered when I reviewed BOOM! makeup. Lesson learned: apply sparingly and not before any big events (since you never know how much washing will really be needed to remove all of the green from yourself). Next time, I’m also going to try mixing a little honey into my mask; it has anti-inflammatory properties, will make the mask less drying, AND will hopefully serve as some extra lubrication to make the mask’s removal that much easier!

Despite the mask’s painstaking and somewhat stressful removal (I really did think I might stay green for a while there), that sleepy feeling persisted. So if you need a sleep aid–short of medicines–then a matcha tea mask might be for you! Just be sure to try a little at first, and build up to see how much your skin prefers to handle. As for the Mint Matcha Tea, I found it to be excellent as a drink; the mint detracts from the grassy flavor that is so prevalent in the regular Matcha, and made it more enjoyable (although the green color is a little sickly-looking, and takes some getting used to; but that’s tea for you). Mint is particularly helpful when you need a pick-me-up, so I like to have it on drowsy mornings. In my experience, it’s also helped with nausea, too!

Pure Chimp Super Matcha Green Tea

Tea has lots of benefits, and finding out which ones you prefer can be a lot of fun. With Pure Chimp’s Matcha products, you’ve got the health benefits and the versatility all in one! Pure Chimp was also nice enough to include a brochure with a recipe for a “Matcha latte” (Mix boiling water with the tea in a glass, then make a pan of warm milk, vanilla, and maple syrup. Mix the two liquids together for your latte!), so you might want to try that! Don’t forget, these powdered teas can be added to plenty of foods, ranging from desserts to drinks to meals, so feel free to experiment–and if you opt for a face mask, prepare to look like the Grinch.

Interested in some super-healthy and super-multi-tasking matcha? Head to Pure Chimp’s website for shopping (and recipes!) and follow them on their social media, linked below!


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