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When it comes to being a single parent, I am all for making life a bit easier for myself.

I don’t have time to mess around or waste time. I like my quiet time. I value the time I have during the week I have to work. I try to stay busy but I also make the effort to take time off from work.

I knew parenthood would be rewarding and amazing, however, being a single parent is a bit different.  I don’t have the support and help I used to have.

My son and I have our devices. This past Christmas and Birthday, I bought him a tablet! A long time ago, he had an iPad and loved it. So I thought it was time for him to have an Amazon Fire tablet!

We found a few products to help make life a bit easier!

AllDock Large Bamboo Base with Bamboo Top

Our household consists of three generations living under one roof.  As you can imagine, we have devices that need to be charged throughout the day and evening.

I also have my smartphone and a few portable battery packs.  That is where the AllDock Large Bamboo Base with Bamboo Top comes in handy as it can charge up to 5 devices at one time! Inside the bamboo base, you will find 5 USB slots. You simply plug in your USB cords and then string them through the bamboo top.

Charging Devices with AllDock

The top features grooves that can house your devices as they charge. However, since our devices have cases over them, our devices are too thick to fit in the grooves. I simply lay our devices right on top of the AllDock Large Bamboo Base with Bamboo Top.

Clipa2 instant bag hangerI live a very quiet lifestyle, especially as a single mom to a child with Autism.  My son is my world. 

As a woman, I always carry a purse or handbag when we are out and about. There are times when I like carrying a tote bag for shopping as well. The Clipa2 instant bag hanger allows you to hang your purse, handbag, tote bag, diaper bag or whatever bags you have with you off the floor!

Clipa2 holding water bottle

Here’s a great example of using the Clipa2 to hold my water bottle. Obviously, you can also do the same at the gym or at your child’s sporting event!

Clipa2 in hand

When I’m not using my Clipa2, I can either wear them as a bracelet or keep them in my bag! Either way, they are fun to use! I have always hated setting my purse on the ground or even on a table top. The Clipa2 is perfect as it allows me to hang my bag off the floor and out of the way!

If you’re interested in other ways to use the Clipa, be sure to check out how I use it with my handbag!  When I use the Clipa, it really does make life a bit easier as don’t have to worry about my purse getting dirty!


Smiley Face Pancake & Waffle Maker

Emojis are popular right now! I’ve been wanting a waffle maker for the longest time. I am so excited to have the Smiley Face Pancake & Waffle Maker to use! I found several non-waffle recipes to try, such as desserts, snacks, breakfast foods and more!

The Smiley Face Pancake & Waffle Maker features four non-stick interchangeable cooking plates and browning control feature. I can easily make waffles or pancakes in minutes. Now that we have the waffle maker, I can even make great food for all day fun!

Using the waffle maker certainly can make life a bit easier.  You can make food super fast and kids will love it!

The Smiley Face Pancake & Waffle Maker is available for purchase on Amazon and CucinoPro. Retail Price: $49.99.

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Are you looking to make life a bit easier for yourself?  What products are you excited to try?

You can find Clipa on their website.

You can find CucinoPro on their website.

You can find AllDock on their website, Facebook, and Twitter.


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  1. mami2jcn says

    The wafflemaker is a great gift idea!

  2. Kelly Kimmell says

    I love the idea of the bag hangers, I could have used them so many times.

  3. Natalie says

    I love that you can charge 5 devices at the same time using the AllDock Large Bamboo Base with Bamboo Top!

  4. kristamiller5425 says

    My daughter would be so excited for that waffle maker. She’s all about the emojis.

  5. Carol H says

    I think the charging dock is pretty neat. Has an elegant look to it.

  6. Melissa Storms says

    They all sound like great products. I really like the AllDock.

  7. Debbie P says

    That waffle maker is awesome!

  8. love the waffle maker, fun 🙂

  9. Lindsay A. says

    These all would be awesome gift ideas! I actually JUST received 2 Clipa (gift), but I haven’t tried them yet!

  10. Dameshia Leonard says

    Love the waffle maker idea thats awesome

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