Keeping What Matters Most Safe

Keeping What Matters Most Safe
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These days keeping what matters most safe is one of the most important things you can do for your family. Keeping things like documents and personal information safe can be the matter in getting help when a crisis when time is of the utmost importance. This is something that my family has learned unfortunately the past several months.

Missing Person

When the unthinkable happens.

Last July we discovered that my father was missing. It’s honestly like something out of a movie, there’s been no trace of him in almost a year. No back activity, not sightings of his car, his cell phone was left at home along with all his medications. It looked like when he left, he left in a hurry and had intended to come back.

Meaning we had nothing to go on, we have searched through all his papers and things just trying to find anything that could be a clue. Unfortunately not having a lot to go on because we have no idea a lot of his information, and it’s affecting the information that the officers have to go on. There are still so many questions surrounding my dad’s disappearance.  We are still searching every day and refuse to give up hope. I just wish there was a way for us to find out answers to all those important questions.

Keeping What Matters Most Safe.

Sentry Safe Combination

Since this has happened I’ve decided in the event of an emergency I didn’t want my family to have to struggle to find answers surrounding any of my personal information. So that is when I started looking into getting a personal safe to store all my most important items. That is when I found SentrySafe. A great personal safe to keep all your items protected. We chose a small Mechanical Combination Lock Safe for our family’s needs. This is perfect for us to keep things like banking information, birth certificates, and special trinkets such as jewelry. In the case of a fire, there is even a limited lifetime after-fire replacement program.  A great safe for any sized house or apartment. To find out more visit their website, Facebook, or Amazon.

Final Thoughts.

I truly believe that had my father had a safe it would have helped with leads to his disappearance. So don’t let your family or your personal belongings start missing when you need them the most. Security is so important so don’t wait until the last second to make sure your family is safe. The SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe is an awesome solution!



  1. My sympathies for the disappearance of your father and the impact that has had on your family.

    I do wonder though what type if paperwork could your father have that the police department could not access through their own databases? I am not familiar with missing persons or how searches go for them but a social security number alone brings up tons of information on the investigators’ side if things.

    I do hope your father is found, again my deepest sympathy for your family.

    • unfortunately, without previous paperwork or documents, the officers have to go through all the proper channels and get a warrant to be able to access anything that regards to his personal. It would have helped to have banking information or doctors notes to start looking into possibilities of what happened. It can take many months to be able to get the warrants to obtain any information without his verbal consent.

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