Keep your baked goods and sweet treats fresher longer

Keep your baked goods and sweet treats fresher longer

I rarely eat baked goods and sweet treats. I try to limit the amount of both foods that I keep in the house. Every once I awhile, I do splurge!

I used to try to bake healthy muffins and other basic breads but was rarely successful. This past Christmas, I even bought myself a KitchenAid Mixer. I still haven’t taken it out of the box.

Why you ask?

First, we have very little countertop space.

Second, I haven’t really found any recipes that I want to try. I really should gather healthy muffin recipes together to make.

I recently received the Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Dome!

This weekend, I decided to bake some pre-made croissants. They are packaged as frozen and I just have to set them out overnight on a baking pan for 7-9 hours and then throw them in the oven!

Food dome with food beautybrite

After they cooled off, I had a beautiful dome to keep my baked goods in. Before, I would put them in a big dish and cover with plastic wrap. Now that I have the dome, my food is protected and looks more presentable.

Food dome beautybrite

The food dome is made of food grade materials and BPA free. It operates with 2 AA batteries or one C battery, but it is recommended to use C batteries for optimum performance.

The Good Cooking Auto Vacuum Food Dome keeps my food fresher longer! This will come in handy as I like to get muffins and my son likes to get sweet treats all from the warehouse store. If you have ever shopped in bulk, you are aware of the serving size and amount you get in a package. I can easily store several treats in the dome.

Once you place the foods in the dome, just press the button and the air will vacuum out. The container is also able to monitor the pressure inside the dome.

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  1. This looks AWESOME! I need something like this…probably a few of them because we usually have a few different things available that are fresh.

  2. Sounds like a really neat product to have. I could definitely use one because I bake healthy things several times a week for us. Thanks for the review.

  3. Pal Raine says

    What a nice idea, new technology in preserving the freshness of our food. Cool!

  4. It is such a great idea to have this in my kitchen! It will be very useful for me especially on days we have occasions.

  5. Would work great for my neice when shes in her baking mood

  6. I would really like to have one of these as food, especially cakes and pastries go stale and dry so quickly.

  7. Wow i love the sound of this, it’s such a clever idea for stopping foods going stale, not that food last’s long in my house with having 3 teenage boy’s 😉

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