Inspiring Strategic Thinking in Young Children

Inspiring Strategic Thinking in Young Children

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My son became a preschooler this year and so much has changed! He is full of questions as he explores the world around him. At preschool, he soaks up everything like a sponge and is always hungry to learn something new.

You may already know from my previous posts, my son is a voracious reader. Books are his favorite thing in the whole world! His grandparents, my husband, and I always try to encourage his healthy habit by providing him with lots of reading material.

I became very interested when I stumbled upon the book, Four is a Little, Four is a Lot. This story, by author Cheska Komissar, familiarizes young minds with number sense and strategic thinking.

Komissar’s two sons were her muses for the story. Her eldest son, Jacob, had asked his mother if the quantity of four was a little or a lot. Komissar thought for a moment and replied, “I guess it depends…Four is a little when it’s four blueberries, but a lot when it’s four watermelons!†Jacob remembered that his youngest brother had recently received four immunizations and announced that four was a lot of shots!

Inspiring Strategic Thinking in Young Children

Four is a Little, Four is a Lot begins with an ensemble of diverse characters; each child experiencing different situations where they are left wondering if the number four is a little or a lot. Four is little if you’re eating small pieces of candy. However, if you’re eating four big cupcakes, four is a lot! Each character’s occurrence helps the reader better understand number sense and challenges their creative thinking. By the end of the story, everyone congregates at a little girl’s birthday. All of the party guests agree that the journey of turning three to four is quite a lot!

This book is the perfect gift for the four year old in your life. My son could identify with so many of the ponderings from the story’s characters! For him, eating four bites of his broccoli at dinner is a lot. However, chowing down on four chicken nuggets is a little because he loves them so much! I love that it promotes problem solving, creative thinking, comparing and contrasting. We have really enjoyed reading this book over and over again in our house!

I also think that it is pretty cool that the team behind this book has decided share some of the book’s profits with several non-profit organizations.

Four is a Little, Four is a Lot can be purchased at Amazon

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  1. This looks like such a cute book to read to a child.

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