How To Straighten Your Hair with a Brush

Head Kandy Straightening Brush

Beauty Brite DisclosureI’ve been straightening my hair for YEARS!! I mean, years ago when I literally had to bend over an ironing board and iron my hair straight, way before the hair straightening flat irons were invented.  The STRUGGLE WAS REAL back in those days! I wish I had photos of me doing that to show these youngins what we had to go through. Now we have hair straightening BRUSH irons.

I’m extremely happy that someone invented the hair straightening brush. I was a little skeptic at first because I have super long curly/wavy coarse hair. Now mind you, I live in humidville Florida with curly hair. You’re not going to see many Floridians with curly hair run a brush through our hair unless you’re playing a part in the Lion’s King. It’s Frizz City!

It took me a while to try this out because it’s been crazy raining here but Thank God we’re finally getting the beautiful sunny weather that Florida is known for again!

Head Kandy has the Ceramic Straightening Brush in two colors:

 Stole My Heart Pink and Signature Teal

Signature Teal is the one I have.

Head Kandy Ceramic Straightening Brush

I think it’s a great pop of color for my bathroom.

Before you start to use the Straightening Brush you want to go ahead and comb or brush out your hair. As I said, I have frizzy hair if I brush it out, so I also put in a frizz and heat protective hair oil or cream before I use any heated hair tool. After I put in my oil or cream, I section out my hair because I just have too much darn hair.

The brush goes up to 450° so since my hair is super thick, I go that high. You can see where you can adjust the heat temperature on the side of the handle along with the power button.

Straightening hair brush

Once you section out your hair, grab one section then you can either brush through your hair with the brush facing up or down. I do it both ways with each section because I want to make sure I get my hair at both angles.

I ran the brush through my hair sections three times and loved the way my hair turned out.

Head Kandy Ceramic Straightening Brush

There are 4 different sized bristles on the brush to help move your hair through smoothly.

Head Kandy Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

Why weren’t these around when I was in middle school? My morning routine would of been so much better and quicker! Plus I wouldn’t have to hear my mom yelling at me asking what the hell am I doing ironing my hair on the ironing board with her iron. Man, the look on her face the first time she caught me doing that was hilarious but at the same time frightening!

Right now Head Kandy has these on sale so head over to their site and get one of these beauties!

Stay connected with Head Kandy on FACEBOOK and TWITTER  to see all the tricks and gadgets that they offer!

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  1. I never knew they had a brush you could use for straightening your hair. That sounds like a product easy enough for me to use. Thanks for the review.

  2. We have used this before

  3. I hate when my hair being straight but I would always flip it out with a brush. This would be great for traveling and not having to take a brush and straightener.

  4. I have seen this before at the beauty supply. I always thought the concept was a really cool idea! Great review!

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