Honey Creams for the Holiday Season

Honey Creams make Perfect Holiday Gifts

holiday honey creams

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The Holidays are fast approaching and I am gearing up by pulling out my decorations and favorite Holiday recipes. Every year, for Christmas, I make gifts for ‘my boys’ and put them under the tree. Granted, my boys aren’t exactly boys anymore (my dad and younger brothers) but they still love opening those bags and seeing their favorite goodies wrapped in Christmas treat bags.

This year, I found Bumbleberry Farms Honey Cream and they have breathed new life into my favorite Holiday recipes!

salted caramel honey

My daughter is a huge popcorn fan. She eats it daily and will go through an entire box a week. She’s also a sweet and salty fan so her favorite snack is to have one bowl of popcorn and one bowl of strawberries. She will take turns alternating between sweet strawberries and salty, movie theater butter popcorn. Unfortunately, strawberry season is almost over and those sweet, ripe beauties will soon be sour and over priced. To satisfy her sweet tooth and her cravings, I warmed up the Salted Caramel Honey Cream and drizzled it across her favorite popcorn. This stuff was a HUGE hit with everyone in my house! The bowl was devoured in minutes. This popcorn reminded me of fall and I wanted to curl up in a blanket and sip hot chocolate.

cinnamon honey

After the popcorn, I was in the Holiday spirit and I searched my cabinets to find the perfect, spiced holiday drink! The Sticky Buns Honey Cream was an incredible substitution to my usual teaspoons of sugar in my coffee. I brewed a pot of my favorite French Vanilla coffee and added about a tablespoon of this luscious honey cream and gave it a good stir. MAN this stuff was good. It gave a great flavor without leaving me with that sickly sweet feeling that sugared coffee can sometimes give. I even brought this little jar of honey creams to work with me so I could have this amazing coffee with me throughout the day.

molten lava honey

My boyfriend can’t seem to let summer go and he is constantly craving ice cream. His favorite is Mint Chocolate Chip so I suppose he gets a little bit of that Holiday Spirit. Of course, I LOVE the Holidays so I had to spice up his usual ice cream by adding a little Molten Lava Chocolate Honey Cream. He was head over heels for it. This honey cream has a great smokey, chocolate flavor that sent his ice cream over the top. In fact, since this, he has cleaned out the honey cream jar and is almost out of ice cream.

maple honey

Like I said, my boyfriend cannot let summer go. If he could grill year round in 13 inches of snow, he would do it. Right now, we’re getting in the last few grill opportunities we can so I busted out my family’s secret steak marinade and make a few slight improvements. My dad and I bond over this recipe as it was passed down from his dad. Unfortunately for others, it cannot be exactly replicated as we do not measure! You add until it feels right in your heart. The secret ingredient that I add to my marinade is HONEY. My dad’s secret ingredient is maple syrup. So the Squirrel Crazy Maple Honey Cream is the best of both worlds. I added about two tablespoons to my marinade and the cooked, finished product had a sweet underlying flavor that offset the acid from the katsup base.


Bumbleberry Farms Honey Creams make the perfect addition to your Holiday shopping list and can be gifted to any home cook in your life! The honey creams are versatile and can be added to any sweet or savory dish.


Do you have a go-to Holiday Recipe? I love to try new Holiday foods, let me know in the comments below! Find more Holiday Gift ideas for the whole family with our Holiday Gift Guide!

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