Holiday Vegan Nail Lacquers: Add Some Hassle-Free Shimmer to the Season

Holiday Vegan Nail Lacquers: Add Some Shimmer To The Season

SpaRitual’s Holiday Vegan Nail Lacquers & Unveil Peel-Off Basecoat

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It’s that time of year again: red lips and dark nail polishes abound. Whether we mean to or not, most of us tend to get stuck in some holiday beauty ruts–but it’s easy to change that! This Christmas and New Year’s, go for a different kind of holiday fun (at least on your nails): soft pale glitters. And we’ve got the perfect ones from SpaRitual: vegan, subtle, and–when combined with SpaRitual’s new Unveil Peel-Off Basecoat–able to be removed more easily than any of your typical polishes! Just one layer of Unveil manages to lift those otherwise-intractable glitters from your nails without any nail polish remover (and without any need to rub your fingers raw).

I’m not usually a big nail polish fan, but had still been on the lookout for vegan options–so I jumped when this offer came on the table from SpaRitual! I’m also lax enough about my nail polish duties that removing the polish always seemed like a pain—and so the idea of nail polish (particularly glittery polish, which I had come to associate with grit and inconvenience) that could literally be peeled right off was tremendously appealing!
When the two SpaRitual Nail Lacquers arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by their size. These are no miniatures or sample sizes! They also feature what SpaRitual calls its “Award Winning Patented Gripper Cap”–which is indeed a cap that has a thick grip, making it particularly easy to twist on and off of the bottle. Overall, the bottles are attractive, with modern aesthetics and an excellent amount of product inside.

As for that “product”, both polishes are very, very sheer–particularly First Snow, which is basically a clear polish that is filled with very fine, snow-white glitter particles. The other lacquer, Beyond Love, appears to be a deep shimmery red in the bottle–but is actually a very sheer pale-pink, bordering on rose-gold. The glitter specks in this bottle seem to be larger than those in First Snow, however, and this makes Beyond Love a thicker–albeit still relatively clear–polish.

If you want a very subtle color that still shows your nail underneath, then either of these nail polishes can get the job done (but First Snow will be the better and more understated bet). In contrast, if you are looking for a more opaque holiday aesthetic, then layer on the Beyond Love more than once–or, as a family member discovered, layer the pale rose-gold polish over another darker color. The results are stunning!

The lacquers are a bit more liquidy than might be expected, and the polishes did require some shaking to mix up the glitter before opening the bottles. But, when it came to application, both polishes went on very smoothly–and since the glorious Unveil Peel-Off Basecoat was there to help, any mistakes could easily be peeled off later! The aforementioned Basecoat must be applied before the nail lacquer (instructions emphasize that only a thin layer should be applied, and that it should be dry before applying the lacquers themselves on top) and is also rather watery in its composition, as well as milky.

Watery nature aside, this Basecoat went on even more smoothly than the two lacquers later would, and dried very quickly as well! However, a word of caution: a thin vs. thick layer will have very different results. I applied too much of the milky base on my left hand, and just enough on the right. The result: the left-hand nail lacquer that was supposed to last “1-2 days” began peeling off of its own volition, just that night! The right hand’s polish remains perfectly intact so far, despite hand-washings and typical activities–so, moral of the story? Be sparing with the Basecoat. It’s more powerful than you might expect!

When the polish does peel, it is a strange experience, but not even remotely painful or uncomfortable. In addition, none of the nail polishes (or the base-coat) are smelly–unlike many other polishes–and they dry relatively quickly to give your nails an elegant cool-toned look, one that is very much in keeping with the holiday spirit. Plus, they’re vegan and come from a company that places its focus on “Slow Beauty for A Fast World”–an admirable goal! If you’re looking for a vegan brand to try and some new winter beauty, then look no further than SpaRitual and its polishes. And, of course, happy holidays!

Interested in adding some easy and festive shimmer into your own life? Check out SpaRitual’s website and click on their social media links below!

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