My history of mobile devices

I was so excited when I received my first Kindle. I only bought the Kindle because I love to read and I wanted to review books in e-format for my blog. It was a great way for me to read and post more reviews for my blog. I love using my blog as a way to share my thoughts on books and products that I try.

A few years later, I received an iPad that has since turned into my son’s toy. He loves using it to learn his letters and words. We added a few apps for him to learn with. We even upgraded his favorite app, so now he has more words to practice with. He is able to recognize letters and say them out loud. When I used the iPad, I used it to keep updated on emails, my blog and social media. I miss using my Kindle because it was pretty easy to update my blog if needed while on the go.

Now that I have my own smart phone, I use it mainly to check emails and social media. I also love staying up to date on local news and weather. I am unable to blog on it though.

Since my son has taken over my iPad, I would love to have a chic iPad mini that is a smaller version of the iPad. Since I started working full time, I am at a desktop computer all day. When I am home, I prefer not to log on to my desktop. It is easier to do a quick update on my smart phone. However, an iPad mini would be easier to use for blogging.

I love my smart phone for administrative things for my blog, however, an iPad mini would come in handy for updating my blog. How do you blog? How do you communicate with your family and friends?

Do you have an iPad or iPad mini?

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Stephanie is a full time single mom to a teen with Autism. She is a homeowner and starting a new chapter! Feel free to contact Stephanie for more information on how she can help your company.

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