Hand Cream That Hydrates For Cold Weather

Hand Cream That Hydrates For Cold Weather


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I’ve always been a warm weather type of person. Sunshine and warmth speak to my soul. However, for most of my life, I’ve lived in a very cold state. The winters in Michigan can be brutal! This winter, we’ve had a state-wide winter emergency due to the cold and snow. Our local school district has had over six snow days so far! Ugh, I’m so over this cold and heaps of snow. I’m freezing and always needing to slather on loads of hand cream.

Cold weather has disastrous effects on my skin. My skin looks dehydrated and dull. Every single wrinkle becomes very obvious. I have tried many creams, lotions, and even oils hoping to find relief. But none seem to have any good staying power.

Working with kids, I’m frequently washing my hands to avoid contracting any nasty viruses or germs. All of that hand washing also leaves my skin feeling very dry. So, I began the search for a hand cream that had staying power and incredible hydration.

Natura Brasil Ucuuba Hand Cream

Natura Brasil Ucuuba Ekos Hand Cream has been my favorite hand cream this winter! This cream is crafted with a rich blend of Ucuuba Butter and Murumuru Butter. The hydrating formula softens and heals hands for up to 30 hours.  When I apply it, I can feel the moisturizing and protective barrier that keeps my hands soft. I also love the size that fits easily into my purse for easy use.

Ucuuba means “butter tree” due to the red seeds that have a natural hydrating quality. These precious red seeds are rich in essential fatty acids. The result is that Natura Brasil Ucuuba Ekos Hand Cream has a light texture without a greasy or oily residue.

Applied Natura Brasil Hand Cream

As a result, my hands feel soft and nourished. My hands look radiant despite the cold weather. I love that I’ve found a formula that is portable and keeps my skin hydrated for hours.

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