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V05 Haircare products

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I first thing I do when I want to try new shampoos and conditioners or anything that I put in my hair or body is open it up and smell them!

Somehow V05 was able to make all of the following smell the exact same and they smell amazing!

Let’s get into the newly released Alberto V05 collection.

 V05 Anti Frizz

V05 Anti Frizz hair care

The Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner are the ones I reach for the most. I have super long and curly/wavy hair and I also live in Florida next to the water. So, you know what that means, especially now that the weather is warmer…my hair goes POOF the minute I walk outside when it’s not in a bun. Oh the joy!

This also contains Argan Oil and I just love basically anything that has Argan Oil in it.

All of the shampoos that I’ve tried lather really well. For me and my long hair I use a quarter size amount and there’s enough suds to go around. After I air dry my hair, it’s not heavy so these don’t weigh my hair down.

When I straighten my hair, I have to blow dry it for it to stay nice in smooth in this weather.

This one is a keeper for me.

Now, I’ve put my hair through some serious changes with getting it colored, highlighted, heating tools, you name it. I’m also very bad at keeping up with regular trims so in comes the second set that I alternate.

V05 Split Ends

V05 Split Ends

Yes, I know…I should take better care and get regular hair trims, but I don’t.  Sometimes when I’m watching TV in the living room, I start playing with my hair and start examining my split ends. I don’t know the exact science on how companies actually get the products to bind our strands back to normal but you’ll definitely see a difference after you use this one for a while. My kids look at me crazy when I look for split ends. It’s like I zone out and only focus on that.

With the next V05 shampoo/conditioner set, I really didn’t think would work well with my hair being so long and thick but the V05 Volumizer set, didn’t weigh my hair down one bit!

V05 Volumizer hair care

Since my hair is so long and thick, I don’t have that va va voom at the roots, but using these, my hair at the roots are airy when I flip my hair and blow dry it. I don’t have to spray a massive amount of hairspray to keep it from going flat.

I have yet had to try the last of the newly released bunch because my scalp lately hasn’t had any problems with going dry.

V05 Dry Scalp

V05 Dry Scalp

But if you’re looking into trying out something new to relieve the dryness of your scalp, this set also includes almond oil to moisturize your scalp.

These all have Vitamin E, Vitamin H, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin B3.

If you want to switch up your shampoo/conditioner sets, you can’t go wrong with giving these a try. You can’t beat the price and you be surprised that a drug store brand can give you the same end results as the salon brands.

The best part about the V05 collection is that you can get them almost at your local Walmart and Walgreens.

V05 Hair care collection

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