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Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Guy-Molton Brown's Tobacco Absolute Collection-Coby CMB-102-BLK Over The Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker

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Why is buying a gift for a guy so darn hard? I’ve been married for over twenty years now and for most gift-giving occasions that include my husband, I am stumped and have to wrack my brain for a gift idea. You’d think the longer and better you know someone that gift giving would get easier.

True, there are the go-to gifts that I will get him: a bag of Snickers, beef jerky, BBQ-related items, Star Wars stuff, University of Kentucky Wildcats fan merchandise, gift cards to restaurants or Best Buy. But, I can’t get him that stuff for every holiday! I quit buying him clothing long ago because he prefers to buy pants himself to make sure he gets the fit he wants, shirts I’ve bought him have hung in the closet unworn. I’m pretty much relegated to getting him new tshirts, underwear and socks at this point, and the occasional new bath robe or hoodie.

It’s not that he’s too picky, per se, or hard to please — it’s more that he has everything he wants and when something new comes out he often gets it for himself. This year, I found the perfect rocking chair at a local garden store and snatched it up for a Father’s Day gift for the hubby for this year. He’s been talking about getting one for several years but not done it yet. I had to hide it in my daughter’s closet so he wouldn’t stumble across it! I also got him some new BBQ tools and a few other little odds and ends (including some Bourbon infused beef jerky). He does love his bourbon!

This year I’m also adding in these two gems I found from COBY® and Molton Brown. The hubby is in the media business and can always use a good pair of bluetooth headphones. And, while not super crazy about it, he cares about his appearance so I thought some nice masculine-smelling bath and shower gel would be fun to stick in his gift bag for Father’s Day this year.

Coby CMB-102-BLK Over The Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

Anyone who enjoys listening to music, watching videos online, or doing anything that requires headphones will really enjoy being able to do so without having their movement constricted by wires. These Coby® Over The Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker are a good choice because they come with the option of a cord that can be plugged into the headphones and a selected device but also have bluetooth technology for wireless entertainment.

The charge time with the USB charge cable for the headphones was pretty fast so they can be used very soon after removing them from their manufacture packaging. All of the controls are on the outside of the left headphone and include volume controls, play/pause functions, repeat and skip buttons and you can even take a phone call on them, if they’re synced to your cell phone, with the touch of a button.

Coby CMB-102-BLK Over The Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

When charging the red light will come on. Once the device is fully charged the light goes off. Also, when it’s powered on it automatically enters Bluetooth mode with the light flashing blue and red repeatedly to indicate that it’s in pairing mode and is searching for compatible devices.


  • Bluetooth range up to 33 feet
  • Built-in mic and answer button
  • Compact, folding design
  • Media shortcut keys within easy reach
  • Comfortable padded headband and ear cushions
  • Play time: Up to 3.5 hrs
  • Talk time: Up to 3.5 hrs
  • Charge time: Up to 1.5 hrs
  • Standby time: Up to 6 hrs
  • Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion

Coby CMB-102-BLK Over The Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker (Black)

When you’re not using the headphones you can fold them up and tuck them away until you need them again. They also feature an adjustable band so you can get a good fit. The sound is great, too. I had to try them out to see how well they worked before gifting them to the hubby, ya know?

And since the hubby likes to put his best face forward when out in the world, I thought that I would give him this Molton Brown Tobacco Absolute Collection Bath & Shower Gel.  The collection also includes a cologne that features a subtle hint of citrus, layered with cedarwood and tobacco absolute and a three-wick candle in the same scent, as well. He hasn’t worn cologne in years, though I’m not sure why because he used to when we met and for quite a while afterward.

Molton Brown's Tobacco Absolute Collection Bath & Shower Gel

I love the woodsy scent, it makes me think of the vacations we’ve taken to the mountains and all of the outdoor forest smells that bring such a peaceful, contented feeling.

Molton Brown products, which include many men’s personal care items such as shower gels, lotions, hand washes, bath and body items and grooming products, have been made in England since 1973. We are animal lovers, so the cruelty-free manufacturing process used by Molton Brown is an important consideration.

Molton Brown's Tobacco Absolute Collection Bath & Shower Gel

This bath and shower gel smells SO good. You are encompassed by the woodsy/tobacco scent as soon as you squeeze it out onto a bath sponge. It’s like an instant shot of calm and tranquility before you even wet the sponge and start to lather it up!

Molton Brown's Tobacco Absolute Collection Bath & Shower Gel

When a little water is applied, the suds generate and the scent fills the air. So good, the hubby is gonna like this, I think! I know he would like the Coastal Cypress & Sea Fennel scent, also, because the beach is another favorite place we like to be.


What gifting wins have you experienced when it comes to your guy? Would either of these items be a hit with him?



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  1. The shower gel looks good. It is hard ot buy for men, especially my husband. I always appreciate gift ideas.

  2. Darcy L Koch says

    My hubby would love this body gel. He always smells so good. And, I would love him to have a pair of headphones for obvious reasons.

  3. Jennifer Smith says

    These would be great gifts for my son’s as well.

  4. Kristen Joiner says

    I love woody scents too so I’m sure I wouldn’t mind smelling this around the house. 🙂 My brother might like this as well.

  5. denise low says

    Thank you for sharing. I bet my husband would love this.

  6. My husband likes the Colby headset.

  7. The headphones would be the choice for my husband..any gift including music is the winner for him.. cologne products are hard because he has been a Grey flannel man for eons…..

  8. My husband is a bit of a gamer so the headphones would be a hit with him.

  9. These are great gift ideas!

  10. That shower gel sounds perfect for my boyfriend.

  11. Debra Holloway says

    My husband needs a new set of headphones, these look like a really good match for him.

  12. These are some great ideas. I always have a really hard time coming up with things for my dad and fiancé.

  13. Always great ideas listed above. The shower gel sounds great!

  14. Sounds like great Christmas gifts. I need to check in this.

  15. patty.wright says

    I never know what to get for my husband or two sons.

  16. tat2gurlzrock says

    These are great ideas. My guy is so hard to buy for!

  17. gloria patterson says

    Great ideas………… Maybe i am strange but I always have more gift ideas then money and they don’t ever include clothes. Heck my sister in laws ask me what to get for my brother

  18. very helpful post, thank you for sharing

  19. My husband would love the shower gel.

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