Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Guy

Gift Ideas For Your Favorite Guy-Molton Brown's Tobacco Absolute Collection-Coby CMB-102-BLK Over The Ear Headphones with Built-In Microphone and Bluetooth Speaker

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Why is buying a gift for a guy so darn hard? I’ve been married for over twenty years now and for most gift-giving occasions that include my husband, I am stumped and have to wrack my brain for a gift idea. You’d think the longer and better you know someone that gift giving would get easier.

True, there are the go-to gifts that I will get him: a bag of Snickers, beef jerky, BBQ-related items, Star Wars stuff, University of Kentucky Wildcats fan merchandise, gift cards to restaurants or Best Buy. But, I can’t get him that stuff for every holiday! I quit buying him clothing long ago because he prefers to buy pants himself to make sure he gets the fit he wants, shirts I’ve bought him have hung in the closet unworn. I’m pretty much relegated to getting him new tshirts, underwear and socks at this point, and the occasional new bath robe or hoodie.

It’s not that he’s too picky, per se, or hard to please — it’s more that he has everything he wants and when something new comes out he often gets it for himself. This year, I found the perfect rocking chair at a local garden store and snatched it up for a Father’s Day gift for the hubby for this year. He’s been talking about getting one for several years but not done it yet. I had to hide it in my daughter’s closet so he wouldn’t stumble across it! I also got him some new BBQ tools and a few other little odds and ends (including some Bourbon infused beef jerky). He does love his bourbon!

This year I’m also adding in these two gems I found from COBY® and Molton Brown. The hubby is in the media business and can always use a good pair of bluetooth headphones. And, while not super crazy about it, he cares about his appearance so I thought some nice masculine-smelling bath and shower gel would be fun to stick in his gift bag for Father’s Day this year…. [read more]