Get Smarter: What To Look For From Your Next Smartphone

In the olden days (by that, we mean the early 2000s), phones were all about calls and texts. They were functional devices which seemed like the cutting edge in communication. When we bought a new one, we looked out for things like appearance or a decent pay as you go package.

Get Smarter: What To Look For From Your Next Smartphone

Now, things couldn’t be more different. We use our phones for everything. We read books on them, listen to music through them, and even plan our lives on their applications. If you’re due a phone upgrade anytime soon, then, there’s much more to worry about than just how your new model looks. Instead, you need to think long and hard about the choice you make. That’s especially crucial when you consider that most contracts mean paying for this decision for around eighteen months.

But, what exactly is it that you need to think about when finding the perfect smartphone?

Capturing the right camera

Most of us now use our phones in place of cameras. That’s becoming ever more the case with phone-based photo apps like Instagram. If you also took time learning how to use iCloud Photos or services like it, you would never need a normal camera again. That’s why it’s so essential you consider camera quality on your next smartphone. Even now, there are plenty of models market which wouldn’t do your snaps any justice. Google Pixel 3 is the best camera phone at the moment. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 are also making ripples. Just make sure to check out those specs before you buy.

Smartphone on desk

Betting on decent battery life

Battery life is an ongoing struggle with smartphones. They do so much that some don’t even last through the day. That’s why you need to make sure you’re buying a new model with a decent battery. Admittedly, a lot of this comes down to what you use them for. Even a long-life phone is going to struggle if you use it all day. But, research here area can increase your chances of a phone which never dies. For example, the Moto G7 Power promises an astounding 15 hours and 35 minutes of battery life. That’s compared to the iPhone 8 Plus which comes in at 11 hours and 16. As you can see, there’s a vast difference between even phones with the best batteries. It’s about time you got searching, then.

Charging smartphone with low battery

The small matter of storage

If you want to get full use of your phone, you’re going to need decent storage. Apps and such take up a great deal of space. The chances are that you’ll also want to store music and photos on this handy device. As a general rule, then, you should never sign up for a smartphone with less than 64GB of storage space. In general, iPhones come up trumps here. That’s because they’re designed for music and communication. But, you could easily buy a cheaper phone and boost storage with a memory card if that served your budget better.

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