Fresh Tasting Mexican Meals From Your Freezer

Fresh Tasting Mexican Meals From Your Freezer - Red's All Natural Frozen Foods

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We love Mexican food at our house. I often make tacos, taco bakes, enchiladas, etc. for dinners because it’s always a crowd pleaser. I was really excited to find Red’s™ All Natural frozen foods at my local Kroger grocery store. These are going to come in very handy for those times we crave these kinds of meals but don’t have the time I like to have to prepare them.


Reds All Natural Steak and Rice Bowl-photo credit to Reds All Natural

Image Credit: Red’s™ All Natural Foods

I picked up three varieties of Red’s™ All Natural Bowls: Steak & Rice, Pork Carnitas Burrito, and Veggie Burrito. They have another one on the market that has chicken in it, but my grocery store was out of that one. I found these in the store’s freezer case where the frozen entrees and single-serve meals are located.

I ate the Steak & Rice Bowl, my husband chose the Pork Carnitas Burrito Bowl (after telling me how much he loves Pork Carnitas and that we have to go out for dinner one night so he can introduce me to the real thing. Date night!) and my daughter chose the Veggie Burrito Bowl.


Red's All Natural Frozen Foods

Prepping these bowls for baking is super easy. Simply remove them from their plastic packaging and cover with foil and pop them into the oven at 350 degrees for 40 minutes. These take so little time getting into the oven that it leaves plenty of time for me to take care of other things like the last-minute laundry the kids love to shove at me that they need first thing in the morning.

If even 40 minutes is too long for your timetable in the evenings, you can follow the microwave instructions and have a delicious hot meal on the table in as little as 3-1/2 minutes!

Red's All Natural Frozen Foods

I followed the Oven Directions for our dinner since I had the time available to do so. Below is what the bowls look like after forty minutes in the oven. They smell wonderful! I could immediately smell the cilantro and other spices as I stirred the contents of each bowl. I couldn’t resist, I had to taste test a little bite of each and was very happily satisfied.

Red’s™ is committed to using real ingredients that you can see in your meal. See the bright yellow corn, the gorgeous black beans and the beautiful green of the cilantro?


Red's All Natural Frozen Foods

I chose to pair the bowls with a simple side of tortilla chips and salsa for our meal. I think it was a perfect pairing! My husband and daughter liked this dinner option very much, too. So, it’s an official part of my grocery rotation now, I’m happy to say!


Red's All Natural Frozen Foods

Red’s™ All Natural Steak & Rice Bowl



Red's All Natural Frozen Foods

Red’s™ All Natural Pork Carnitas Burrito Bowl

You can also enjoy Red’s™ All Natural Foods on-the-go with their frozen burrito line. My grocery store didn’t have any of the burritos in stock, but when they do, I will definitely get a supply for the freezer to have around for lunches or quick on-the-go breakfast and snacks. I am particularly interested in trying the Canadian Bacon breakfast burritos!!! They also offer enchiladas and taquitos in their product line.

Reds All Natural Burritos-photo credit to Reds All Natural Foods

Image Credit: Red’s™ All Natural Foods

Red’s™ products are made with 100% all-natural ingredients and no preservatives. They use beef and pork from animals that are raised without antibiotics and make their products with fresh, quality ingredients that are recognizable. That’s pretty rare these days when so many companies use artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Red's All Natural Frozen Foods

Sometimes trying to read ingredient labels leaves me feeling like I’ve just read something that was written in a completely different language and makes me wonder what exactly I’m eating when I consume those items. I love that Red’s™ offers gluten-free, organic and vegan option in their product line!

What’s your favorite Mexican meal? Does Red’s™ All Natural offer an option that you are excited to try?


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