EZ Tools And Products To Spring Clean Your Stuff

EZ Tools And Products To Spring Clean Your Stuff - Invisible Glass EZ Grip Glass Reach Tool and lens wipes

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I hate cleaning windows, screens, lenses and other glass items. It’s a pain and it’s tiring to my arms. The thing I hate cleaning most of all are the windows in my vehicle. It’s annoying to have to contort myself around the steering wheel to clean all the way down to that cramped area way at the bottom where the windshield meets the dashboard. Another irritating task is cleaning eye glass lenses that always seem to get smudged.

But, I do like clean glass and I’ve avoided cleaning my car windows so long that it’s getting difficult to drive without being totally disgusted by how the windshield looks and how the sun glares off the smears that somehow always seems to get on the inside of it. So, I decided to try a couple of Invisible Glass­­­® products.

Invisible Glass lens wipes

My son and daughter constantly have smudged lenses on their glasses. Invisible Glass®­­ Lens Wipes are perfect for me to slip into their backpacks so they always have them handy when their glasses are dirty. They are too old (ages 13 and 16) for me to swipe them off their faces for a quick clean. Trust me. I’ve done it and gotten the glare of death for invading their personal space a time or two for my trouble. 🙂

But, now I don’t have to worry about that anymore. With these handy wipes in the cabinet, they can go and grab one anytime they want to clean their own glasses. Most of the time, I wish my kids wouldn’t grow up so fast. But I won’t miss this task, that’s for sure!

Invisible Glass ES Grip Glass Reach and Tool

The Invisible Glass­­® EZ Grip Glass Reach and Tool and Invisible Glass­­® Cleaner is the perfect combination for cleaning hard to reach areas like vehicle windshields, windows that are just a little too high for short people like me to reach, the underside of glass tables and flat screen TVs that are wall-mounted. The EZ Grip Glass Reach and Tool Kit comes with a unique triangular-shaped pivoting head, two washable and reversible microfiber pads that do not leave lint behind and a fully detachable handle. The end of the handle can be removed so that any standard thread pole can be attached for extended reach. The Hang Loop at the end of the handle makes hanging this tool easy and convenient. In addition to cleaning class, this tool is great for fog and moisture removal, too.

Invisible Glass ES Grip Glass Reach and Tool-Product and Accessories in mesh bag

Also included in the kit is a drawstring mesh storage bag that will keep all of the parts together and fits into a vehicle’s glove compartment or center console. That makes this tool a very easy item to have on hand for quick cleaning when your vehicle’s windows need a shine or to hang in an easy to reach area in your home or stash in a drawer, cabinet or a cleaning tool caddy so it’s always available when you need it.

With Spring on top of us, and plenty of Spring cleaning to do, this handy tool is going to be absolutely indispensable to me. What tasks would these Invisible Glass­­® products make easier for you this Spring?

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