Does a Mascara Shield Really Work?

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If you’ve been a mascara wearer for a long time you know one of the biggest issues we face when we apply it: mascara getting onto our eyelids that we just added makeup too, or down on the lower lash line. It’s a mess, and we’re always looking for ways to avoid that. Could the Flutterby Mascara Shield be the tool to do that?

Let’s explore whether a mascara shield works!

How The Mascara Shield Works

This was designed to follow the contours of your eye and cheek. To do your upper lashes, place the mascara shield along the lash line over your lashes. It will fit comfortably along your eyelid. For your lower lashes, place it along the lash line under your lashes, and apply your favorite mascara. After you finish, you can wash using soap and water, then pat it dry.

This claims that it doesn’t take any special skills or a major learning curve to get the best, no smudge, results. I do agree, while there’s a small learning curve, it just takes a couple of tries before getting the hang of it. I never really mind that since a lot of tools and products for applying makeup sometimes take a few uses before you’ve gotten the hang of it.

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However, I don’t think I’m quite sold on this just yet. It helps apply the mascara, but I still get some minor messes on my eyelids. It also feels a little strange, not uncomfortable, when I have it against the lash line. I still can’t seem to get used to it. With that said, if you really struggle with mascara and need something to help, this could be the product for you. I’ve tried other products similar to this that was absolutely horrendous. This, when done right, does work.

At $14.99, it is a bit pricey, but you’re getting two Mascara Shields that you can wash and keep using. I love the designs on these, I think it’s really cute. You have a few choices so you’re getting the designs that you like the most.

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Have you tried the mascara shield? Let us know your thoughts on the product below!

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  1. Time saving life hack, will let me lady friends know. I don’t do mascara

  2. Tracy Robertson says

    I have chronic hand tremors, but I don’t think I would do well with this. I have a hard enough time applying my makeup with my dominant hand, I don’t think my other hand could hold this in place well. After I apply mascara, I use a toothpick to separate my lashes where it’s clumped together. That works well as long as you catch it before the mascara dries.

  3. I’ve never used one but it does sound useful!

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