Discover The World In A Box

Discover The World In A Box

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My husband and I always talk about how we would love to travel, but unfortunately, with both of us working full time and not having the savings built up yet to do so we just can’t right now. We, of course, take our week vacation every year to the beach that is only 4 hours away, but one day we will set sail to explore the world.

In the meantime, we are able to get artisan items that are made from all over the world and we can help benefit families in other countries tremendously all while enjoying handmade items. I know you have seen all of the subscription boxes that you can subscribe to these days. Whether it be food boxes, boxes for your pets, nail polish there are so many to choose from.

My all time favorite is the subscription box from GlobeIn. These boxes come with amazing handmade items from all over the world and just by making your purchase you can give hours of work to families and even provide income to disabled individuals.

My box came with some awesome items. These are items that you won’t find at any local retailer and they are mostly handmade. My favorite of my items is a hand weaved bottle holder. This worked great for me because my favorite water bottle is made of glass and it adds a little more protection to it.

hand weaved bottle holder

This hand weaved bottle holder came with a little tag that told the story of a widow that lives in the town of San Luis Amatlan. She became a widow at 33 years of age and needed a way to support her 3 children. It even displayed a picture of her smiling and it shows the joy that it gives her in producing these items for others while supporting her family on her own.

My husband is a kitchen utensil junkie so his favorite item in the box is a hand carved wooden spoon. It is beautiful and we love leaving it out in our utensil holder as a display. You can see all the grains in the wood and it is sturdy and well made.

Moroccan harissa spices

Some other items we received were volcano rice, a handmade bowl, and some Moroccan harissa spices. These are all made with care, appreciation and simple touches that show. The spices came from South Africa and they have a cute little tie on them with beads that really show someone is proud of their product.

We genuinely loved each and every one of these products and can’t wait to share the story of each one with our family and friends that come over. This subscription is a great way to not only receive great items from all over the world but also help the families more than you will ever know.

Globein dine

Shop GlobeIn and use coupon code: BEAUTYBRITE.  You can get $10 off with a purchase of 3+ months of Artisan Box Subscriptions.

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