Detoxify Pores with a Pain-Free Charcoal Mask

Detoxify Pores with a Pain-Free Charcoal Mask

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Lately, there has been an abundance of videos of people applying charcoal masks and then peeling them off; usually screaming from pain. I will admit that it is hilarious to watch and, to be honest, I purchased some of those Facebook Ad famous charcoal masks. Those masks will pull all the junk out of your pores but MAN do they hurt! I wanted an option to detoxify my pores but also not rip off multiple layers of peach fuzz hair and skin.

SpaceSkincare offers a Pain Free Charcoal Mask

Each bottle is specially formulated by estheticians to treat acne and provide a smoother and more bright complexion. This easy to peel, activated charcoal mask soothes skin and removes blackheads with ease. Simply apply the mask in a thick, even layer and allow to dry (about 30 minutes). Once dried, peel to reveal clearer and cleaner skin. This mask is powerful enough to remove deep blackheads but gentle enough to use on the entire face (just avoid eyes and eyebrows).

Benefits of Activated Charcoal

  1. Charcoal powder reduces pore size by removing toxins and oils. High Quality charcoal binds to toxins and pulls them to the surface for easy removal.
  2. Charcoal based products help control oil and excess shiny-ness
  3. Vitamin B3 brightens dull skin and attracts water from its environment, leaving you with naturally hydrated skin.
  4. Squalane helps Moisturize on a deeper level by using natural oils to keep skin smooth and vibrant.
  5. Natural antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties minimize the appearance of cystic acne and scarring.

If masks aren’t for you, SpaceSkincare also offers an Activated Charcoal scrub! The Moon Rocks scrub enters deep into the pores to scrub away dirt an dead skin to reveal radiant skin.

SpaceSkincare Activated Charcoal Masks is Perfect for Teens

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This affordable mask is the perfect size to slip into your hard to buy for teenager’s stocking. The packaging is sleek and gives the impression of an expensive brand. I had the great opportunity to try travel sizes and well as a full size product. I found that I prefer the more painful masks (SHOCKING) so I’ve put the full size bottle away for my brother’s girlfriend (She’s 20!).

This mask was great for making my skin feel smooth but I just didn’t see as much on it after it was peeled away as I would have liked. I personally, like Biore strips because I can actually see the oil which makes it so satisfying! I have an over abundance of oil production so more intensive strips are usually needed to pull everything out. BUT I do LOVE this for a spa day! Or using it once per week for a few weeks would definitely reduce oil production.

There are a ton of rave reviews, but if you feel this product isn’t for you after you purchase; don’t sweat it! This company offers a 30 day, money back guarantee!


How do you guys feel about peel off masks? Love them or hate them? Let me know in the comments below! Be sure to check out our Holiday Gift Guide for more ideas for those picky teens!

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