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A lot of times people say to me, “how do you do it?” when I mention that I work full time from home. The reality is, working from home isn’t for everyone. You need a lot of discipline and can’t get yourself distracted easily. For me, it’s easier to work from home than it is in the office.

It’s all about prioritizing and staying organized and focused. I get up at 6 am and within 15 minutes I’m starting my job. I work in digital marketing, and only have to go into the office on Tuesday. I get signed into everything then head downstairs to feed my cat, Cosmo, and make myself some coffee. I have both a regular coffee pot and a Keurig.

I’m currently testing out different types of coffee from Alumbre, a hand-crafted coffee line that connoisseurs use all around the world. It offers luxurious and authentically rich coffee that many coffee addicts like myself are sure to love. They offer both light and dark roast.

I don’t like dark/strong coffee. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t drink Starbucks. This coffee can get strong, but not as strong as other places. If you don’t mind a good medium roast, you may really like the dark roast. For me, I just make sure that I make the coffee a little bit weaker just in case. It’s absolutely delicious and the perfect way to wake myself up and get started with my work day.

I do have a regular coffee maker, but if you just have a Keurig and you want to try this coffee visit your local Bed, Bath & Beyond. They sell this coffee filter that looks like a K-Cup, and that’s what you can use to make ground coffee. Just make sure it’s the right one for your machine.

Anyone who knows me knows I love my Dunkin coffee, and the Donut Shop for my K-Cup, but this is giving those brands a run for their money. This is the only coffee that I’ve ever willing drank without half & half. It was that good, and I’m kind of a picky person. A restaurant can have amazing food, but if I don’t like their coffee, I won’t be back. I’ll be coming back and ordering this coffee once I run out… which may be a while since they were super generous with the amount of bags they sent me.

Alumbre Coffee Bags Lined Up

Alumbre Coffee Bags Up Close

No one really starts until 9 am so I have a good 3 hours of getting a lot of work done. I typically take my lunch at around 11 am, and I often make/grab myself another cup of coffee. I try to limit myself to 2-3 cups of coffee a day; though I mostly just drink 1-2. So I’ll either make one pot of coffee for the day or squeeze out two cups with out of one of my K-Cups.

Then I power through the last couple of hours! Usually, the second half of the day goes a lot slower than the first half. Because we have daily deadlines I have to stay focused and on track. This means no TV! I don’t like complete silence so I’ll listen to music. I should try listening to podcast, if you have any recommendations let me know!

An Image of my office

Once 2:30 rolls around I’m usually logging off of work. We don’t have a time sheet, but we do track how long it takes for us to complete each task. It’s also their way of making sure that everyone is working the hours they’re supposed to.

Since I’m up so early, I try to take a quick 20-minute nap. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are my gym days so I won’t lay down until after. I learned that if I rest a little bit that I won’t have the energy to workout. After that, I work on my blog and other freelance work until I decide to make dinner.

What helps me stay organized is using my planner. I give myself daily to-dos and I try to get through as much as I can.

Working from home isn’t for everyone, but I really do enjoy it. No traffic. I can stay in my pajamas. And I can work on my own without everyone talking loudly. It’s the perfect work situation for me!

If you’re someone who works from home, share your thoughts on it below!

You can find Alumbre Coffee on their website and Facebook.

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  1. mami2jcn says

    My husband would love to work from home but he’s too easily distracted.

  2. Irene Lirette says

    Those coffee’s look amazing! I wish I could find a good stay at home job, I just think most are scams! Not all..

  3. Kelly Kimmell says

    I think we’d all like to work from home. It is difficult to trust stay at home companies, so many scams these days.

  4. Kimberly O says

    Coffee is my fuel.

  5. laurie c says

    That coffee looks so good! Yes, many work from home offers are scams, you’re so lucky you can!

  6. Christina A. says

    I love how organized your space is…mine needs improvement! I work from home as well and it’s a balancing act for sure! I drink coffee daily…it gets me going!

  7. Tere Hidalgo says

    I would love to work from home, for some extra money to vacation. Need to get organized and try.

  8. I would be afraid of working from home because you do not know which companies are legit.

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