Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection

Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection

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After watching a short video of Colleen’s history of how she developed the Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection, I was very eager to try her products! This set came in a very nice travel bag, which I will be using to replace my on the go beauty bag. These products are very rich in ingredients and very effective for any skin type.

I used the Radiant Cleansing Balm first. Immediately after getting it on my skin I felt as if it was a million dollar product. It was so rich and creamy and once applied it just melted into a nice thin layer of balm. I massaged in into my entire face and warmed the Muslin Cloth. I placed the cloth over my face and laid back for 10 minutes breathing in the natural aroma. These 2 items made me feel like I was getting a mini facial. After removing the cloth and wiping all the excess from my face, my face felt amazingly smooth and clean! This cleanser removed all traces of makeup, dirt and oil without a drying feeling. After I rinsed I finished off with the Extreme Recovery Cream. This cream has a nice thick, concentrated consistency but absorbs very fast, leaving your skin feeling smooth and moisturized. This would be a great product to use if you have dry skin. I have oily skin and using just a small amount of this cream worked great for me.

The clarifying detox mask is a one of a kind! Normally for me mask always feel thick and uncomfortable causing me to watch the clock waiting until the last minute to rinse it off. This mask was very comfortable, It dried thin and smooth to the touch even though I could still feel the tightness of it working. It felt great, rinsing my skin without even using a cleanser and feeling every trace of dirt and makeup removed. The Sheer Renewal Cream gave me a rich hydrating feeling without making me feel oily. This cream is very thick and concentrated like the recovery cream and absorbs quickly. This cream has a very natural organic smell which is wonderful for my nighttime regimen. This is a great cream to use day or night.

The Dual Enzyme Polish is a great quick and easy to use product. Just splash a little water on your face and put a small amount of this product on your skin. I rubbed it in a circular motion and it formed a nice paste that went a long way. You can feel the small grit in this product, which makes your skin feel extra clean and polished. It removed all of my makeup and replaced my cleanser. On days you want to get the look of a facial, but you’re in a hurry this is a great product. My favorite to use with this, and my favorite part of this skin care is the Face Oil. It is so lightweight and non greasy but yet made my face feel so moisturized and smooth. My skin had a glow to it after using this oil. I only needed about 3 drops to cover my entire face and neck, and it felt so amazing using it after the enzyme polish. Your skin will feel like pure silk after using these 2 products together.

The Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection can be found on Amazon.

Disclosure: This review is written by Stacy C. She received the product mentioned for free for evaluation purposes. All opinions expressed and photos used are 100% hers.

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