Celebrate Halloween with Hotel Transylvania 3

Celebrate Halloween with your favorite characters from Hotel Transylvania 3

Celebrate Halloween with Hotel Transylvania 3Beauty Brite Disclosure

Last weekend, I had a Hotel Transylvania movie marathon! I watched all 3 movies from Saturday evening through Sunday! I know, it should not have taken that long, but I did take breaks in between watching. After starting the first movie, I realized after a few minutes that I had not seen the movie at all! By the time I reached the second movie, I realized I had only seen a few minutes of the second movie as well!

Are you ready to celebrate Halloween with Hotel Transylvania 3?

Hotel Transylvania 3 movie kit

Knowing I was going to receive the exclusive movie night kit, I had to take the time to watch all three Hotel Transylvania movies! While we have never gone trick or treating with our son (he wouldn’t understand it), we’ve always stayed in! Now that we have our very own copy of the Hotel Transylvania 3 on DVD, I think this will be our new tradition!

Are you ready for Halloween? There are times when I miss dressing up. As I watched the movies, I admired how Mavis dressed and thought I could definitely dress like her! She wears a cute pair of leggings and a black dress! So easy to pull off and it looks so comfortable!

I love toys from my favorite shows and movies. I have a few toys saved (still in their boxes). They are too cute to take out of the packaging and I have to keep them hidden from my son, otherwise, he will destroy them!

Hotel Transylvania 3 Toys

One of the main reasons, I wanted this fun kit was for the Hotel Transylvania characters! I love them! I’ll have to keep them hidden from my son, but I love that I have the whole gang!

Hotel Transylvania 3 movie and popcorn

Our new Halloween tradition will be having a special movie night! I am so thrilled to receive popcorn! My son and I love eating popcorn together! My son and I will celebrate each year watching a family-friendly movie, enjoy amazing snacks, and enjoy a fun evening!

Hotel Transylvania Family and Friends
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures

Who are your favorite characters from Hotel Transylvania?

Hotel Transylvania 3 Pumpkin Stencils and carving tools

My son and I have never gotten pumpkins. Now that we have a pumpkin carving kit, I’ll definitely get him some pumpkins so we can carve them together! We even received some fun stencils!

Are you hosting a fun costume themed party? Why not pick up your copy of Hotel Transylvania 3? Hotel Transylvania 3 is available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital October 9! You can purchase on Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and Walmart.

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Tell us how you plan to celebrate Halloween with Hotel Transylvania 3!

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  1. Pam Allen says

    My kids are teens now so we are starting to stay home, hand out candy and watch Halloween movies. Not the scary ones- and yes the girl teen said she wants to watch Hotel Transylvania 3! Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Ondria says

    My kids LOVE Hotel Transylvania! We have all three movies and we’re watching HT3 over and over again. I think I love it as much as they do! The toys you’ve shown are so adorable- I especially like the plush doll!

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