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I first saw the Bittersweet Bracelet by Maria Sheerin on the Today’s show with Kathie Lee and Hoda a while back! I remember immediately thinking to myself how awesome this was, and how cool it was that it started out as a present made by Maria’s Husband.


We all know how it is to not have a hair tie when we need one, and I know I will do anything to get my hair off of my neck when it is getting on my nerves. This leaves me constantly wearing a tight hair tie around my wrist. Unless I have been wearing and using the same one for months and it becomes stretched, they usually are tight and cause indention’s on your skin. Not to mention they are not the best looking, and they never look good in pictures!


The Bittersweet Bracelet by Maria Sheerin is a bracelet that holds your hair tie and makes it look stylish and classic! This is a very sophisticated way to keep your hair tie from indenting on your wrist, but to also make sure you keep one on at all times.


The bracelet works with both your skinny hair ties and also your thick ones! They look great with just one and they really look good when you wear more than one! I like the fact that you can change up the color of your hair tie to match your outfit, and with all the different designs available for purchase this gives you tons of options! The bracelets come in silver, gold, rose gold, steel black, and also come in different designs. You can have yours custom engraved with whatever you like, or engraving would make for a very personal gift! There is also a line called b+sweet that is for the younger generation, that comes in fun colors and designs!

Are you in search of another love bracelet?  How about the Love Line Bracelet?

Love Line Bracelet

The Love Line bracelet is a delicate piece of jewelry that can compliment any outfit.  I enjoy wearing it when we are out and about as a family.  It symbolizes my love for my family!  I love the bright red as you can see it right away.  The delicate word is noticeable if you are standing close enough to see. That means the only people who can read it are those closest to me, my family!

Love Line Bracelet in palm

The Love Line Bracelet makes a great gift for friends, co-workers, family or even yourself! Either way, it is a beautiful bracelet to be enjoyed! You can find the Love Line Bracelet on their website.

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