An Eye Mask That Helps With My Dry Under Eye Area

Nerium EYE-V Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches

I have crazy dry eyes. I’m always rubbing my eyes because of my allergies, and it’s causing that under eye area to be annoyingly dry and red. I’ve tried a lot of products and nothing’s really worked. Mostly because a lot of skincare products have fragrance and I’m allergic to that.

I recently had the opportunity to test out the EYE-V Moisture Boost from NERIUM ($40). A fellow blogger friend highly recommended I give them go. These are hydrogel patches that will get rid of fine lines, reduce the appearance of puffiness, firm the skin, brighten your eye area, and hydrate it. Basically, this is everything that I’ve been looking for. The big question is, what were the end results?

Nerium EYE-V Moisture Boost Eye Masks Opened

I really like how these are packaged. Each sheet has the two patches, and you get 5 patches in the box. The box is pretty slim so it’s not going to take up a ton of space on your vanity or bathroom counter.

The packaging shows you where to put it, and you leave them on for 20 minutes. Be careful how you open it, they’re loose on a tray and one patch fell on my leg. Whoops! They’re a little on the wet side, they even feel a bit slimy as you’re putting them on your face. But they’re super easy to use, and they stay put!

I use mine at night. I put them on when I know I’m in for the day and put on a show or movie that I want to watch on Hulu. This time around I was catching up on the new season of Will & Grace.

Instructions for Eye Mask Back of Packaging

There’s no fragrance with these eye masks, so if you have a sensitivity like I do, you should be okay. I didn’t have any irritations or breakouts.  At first, I had it a little too close to my eyes, which made one of them water a little bit. But once I moved it down a tad, everything was fine. The patches were comfortable, and once I removed them I could tell they started to work. My under eye area started to feel softer than I expected.

While I was testing the patches, I noticed that my under eye area started tightening up a little bit. This is something that happens when I wear masks and it’s how you know it’s starting to do its job. After removing the patches, I’d wait a few minutes and do my nightly skincare routine.

This isn’t going to work after one use. With skincare, you need to keep at it, but I can tell this is a great product. After a few uses, I’m starting to notice a small difference in how my eye area looks. I plan on using these even after I use them all up! I think I’ve finally found the perfect product, for me, to use under my eyes!

What products have worked great for your skin? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Melissa Storms says

    These might be a good solution for my under eye area. The skin is really dry and sensitive.

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