I love displaying art and family photos on all around our apartment. For years, we never had pictures on our walls. My husband now understands how important it is for me to have our pictures and art up on the walls. Plain walls are just too plain for me. I received a 16×20 rectangular print from Aluminyze for review.

What is Aluminyze?  They make high-quality, customized photo prints from recycled aluminum!

When our picture arrived, I nearly ripped open the box and removed the bubble wrap. The picture is securely wrapped with bubble wrap to ensure safe delivery. I just love new piece of art! I chose a picture we took at Walt Disney World. It was taken while we were on the People Mover. The picture was taken last year during our last trip to Disney World.

My family and I love going to Walt Disney World and I love taking pictures while we are there. I literally take hundreds of pictures when we are there. During our first trip there as a family, I took hundreds of pictures. Over the years, I have them printed out and they are hanging on our walls. I have several pictures of our son smiling and looking so happy and amazed.

The picture is one of my favorite pictures of my family. We are all smiling too, which is very rare with our son to get him to smile at the right time. We have never had a professional portrait taken of our family, so we depend on family pictures that we take of ourselves.

The art piece is so beautiful and I just love it on our wall! When my husband first saw it, I could tell that he loved the quality! He normally does not pay attention to the products I receive; however, this picture caught his attention. Our main problem was trying to decide where to display our family picture in our home.

You can find Aluminyze on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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