2021: The Year For Brighter, Whiter Smiles

2021 is the year of change. The year of moving forward, practicing kindness, and self care. One of my favorite ways to do both is with a simple smile. To make my smile shine, an at-home teeth whitening kit is the way to go!

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Bring On The Smiles

At home teeth whitening kits have become widely available over the years. Going to the dentist for a treatment is extremely costly. Thankfully, cosmetic dentists,(like those from Spotlight Oral Care), created products for consumers that don’t want hassle or bank breaking prices.

After years of staining my teeth from eating certain fruits or drinking beverages like teas, wine and coffee; my teeth took a beating. Since my smile has been hidden behind a mask for so long, I really neglected their care.

This is the year that I need to focus on my health and happiness. Taking care of your oral hygiene can help with both. Not only will you keep your dental hygiene in check, but you are gaining confidence with a brighter smile.

Easy and Effective

The Dental Teeth Whitening Strips by Spotlight Oral Care are not like the whitening strips from the drug store. Before I tried these, I thought all whitening strips were the same. One of the biggest differences that I noticed was how well they adhere to your teeth. I have used name brand and generic whitening strips, and I have always struggled with them sticking on for fifteen minutes let alone one hour.

I did not have to constantly reposition them, and my saliva did not seep in between the strip and my teeth. The Dental Teeth Whitening Strips stayed on my teeth for an entire hour and did not budge. That means the whitening treatment will actually work unlike other brands.

Before application I did have to dry my teeth, so I used a cotton round to get the job done. Upon application you can immediately feel the tingling and cooling sensation on your gums from the peroxide. Spotlight Oral Care has a higher level of whitening, so they are not in the same league as drug store products.

I do have sensitive gums, especially with colder temps. This was the first teeth whitening kit that came with a solution to that problem. The Comforting Gum Oil was easy to apply with the brush tip applicator. After only five minutes, all you need is a quick rinse and you are done. This helped so much with sensitivity!

Overall the process was simple. Dry, apply, and after one hour remove the strip and brush away excess gel. If you have gum sensitivity, apply the gum oil and rinse after 5 minutes. By far this is the most effective whitening system I have tried. I was able to see a huge difference just after one application. After one week, my teeth were at least 2 shades lighter which made me so happy!


To maintain that gorgeous white smile, the Spotlight Oral Care Pen can be used for just five minutes a day. It helps diminish staining caused from the foods and drinks you consume through out the day. It comes with a twist up applicator and a brush tip for easy application.

With just a couple clicks of the base, the product was easily dispensed to the brush. The gel painted on easily with no mess. After rinsing, your teeth look gorgeously white and bright. I also noticed fresher breath; as if I had just taken a breath mint. The tube is slim enough to toss in your bag which makes it great for travel.

Adorable Packaging

It may not mean much to most, but the packaging is really cute. It’s nice enough to leave out during your weeks of treatment. It’s a great visual reminder to do some self care. The strips and pen come in a red velvet bag that would be ideal to travel with.

After trying Spotlight Oral, I cannot go back to drug store brands. They are similar in pricing but Spotlight is far more effective at brightening and whitening.

Are you ready for a brighter, whiter smile?

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