Ugly Dolls Is The Must Have DVD for Kids!

Ugly Doll's Is A Must Have DVD!
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Ugly Dolls is set to roll out in retailers near you starting July 30, 2019.
This children’s film has been highly anticipated. With the powerful lesson shared within the film, it is of no surprise to me that this DVD is going to be high in demand.

Ugly Dolls Merchandise

I knew instantaneously when I saw the Ugly Dolls movie trailer it was going to be a must own DVD. It is so easy for Little minds are to be shaped by the things they see at home but also in the media. Sometimes more so from the things they see on TV than in real life around them.

Ugly Dolls teaches the importance of loving who you are regardless of whether others see you as perfect or not. No one is perfect. We aren’t robots and we shouldn’t pretend to be. Moxy makes sure to keep this message out in the open for little ones to see.

Ugly Dolls Trailer

Moxy has a dream of being the “perfect” doll for a child somewhere in the world. Moxy, however, doesn’t fit the mold of what is considered perfect in their world. She breaks free from the world she has always known and ventures to the world of Perfect Dolls. Little did the perfects know, she would be teaching them a huge lesson!

Ugly Dolls and Sophia/Moxy

I received the sing-a-long version of Ugly Dolls which my daughters are over the moon about. There is finally a different song besides “Let It Go” is filling my home and car rides. I actually like Disney’s Frozen though, just don’t tell my kids. The release of Frozen 2 in November is on my watch list for sure.

Ugly Dolls Certificate of Adoption

Ugly Doll‘s brings perfect timing to break out some life lessons with little ones. We took the time to discuss what makes people different and why that is okay. We also focused on the things we like about people simply because it is different.

My oldest has a hard time fitting in the norm with social cues so this provided the perfect opportunity to address the topic of being different and teach his younger sisters to be open to differences of those around them.

Bring home your Ugly Doll’s DVD/Blu-Ray today!

Ugly Dolls and Esequiel

Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Best Buy are just a few on the list of retailers selling Ugly Doll’s on DVD/Blu-Ray. BE Sure to pick up the sing-a-long CD for your little ones to dance and get silly with long after the movie has ended,

Looking for some fun to include with your Ugly Dolls screening? Be sure to check out some of the fun going on in Uglyville!

Ugly Dolls Uglyville board game
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  1. This sounds like a wonderful movie for young children. Acceptance, appreciation, and understanding are such important lessons to learn.

  2. Looks like such a cute movie. 🙂

  3. Cute movie the kids at my house liked it.

  4. Dana Rodriguez says

    This looks like a great movie for kids.

  5. Sandy Klocinski says

    This sounds like an awesome movie for the little ones.

  6. Sounds like a good movie and thankfully, the dolls aren’t really ugly, but are kind of cute.

  7. Steve Weber says

    I saw this movie preview months ago – it didn’t do anything for me, but it looks like a great movie for kids with a great message too!

  8. Lydia Goodman says

    Looks like a cute movie for the grandkids

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