The Dream I Had The Other Night

The Dream I Had The Other Night

I had an amazing and fun dream the other night that I referred to in a previous post.  I usually don’t remember my dreams, which is why this one sticks out so much.  At first, I didn’t want to write about it but as the day went on, I felt like I should.

I wanted to write about the dream because it is so out of character for me, especially in real life.  It is something that you would see play out on a TV show or soap opera.

I love drama, just not in real life.

I get my drama from my favorite TV shows!

My husband and I live a very drama-free, laid back life.  We don’t like chaos at all.  We are a quiet family which isn’t a bad thing.  We are simply happy.

Yesterday morning, I was awaken by my son and of course, I wanted to go back to sleep to go back to the dream.  I wanted to see how it would play out.

I had a dream that I was in my current life as in I was married and had our son but I was seeing two different guys.  For some reason, I think they lived in different states and I somehow had a nice little dating life going with both of them.  I remember we were making plans too.  Each guy told me they were willing to move for our family to be happy.  One was up for a promotion at work while one was going to approach his boss about transferring elsewhere.

I don’t know exactly what it all means but I do wish for more from my own husband.  I wish he would pursue more promotional opportunities at work or with other companies.  He says he is always looking for other job opportunities.  He also says he looks at jobs in other states.  Honestly, I think he wants to put in the time at his current job with the job title that he has to gain more experience.

I just have to accept that.  In the meantime, as a work at home mom, I like that I can work from anywhere. If we move to another city or even another state, I can still do my work.

What do you dream about?  Do you remember your dreams?

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