The Best Ideas To Create The Ultimate Family Backyard

Your backyard is nice. You have pretty landscaping, quality furniture, maybe a pool, maybe sports areas. The lawn is green, and everything is clean and tidy. And yet, you think you might want to take things up a notch and create something really memorable. Here are some ideas to help take your backyard from “very nice” to “ultimate.” Let’s create the ultimate family backyard!

The Best Ideas To Create The Ultimate Family Backyard

Water Features

Nothing says opulence like cascading water. A fountain or waterfall from a water feature store not only adds dramatic visual flair, it also gives you that lovely splashing, bubbling background sound. If you add a waterfall to a pool, the flip of a switch transforms your pool setting from smooth and placid to dynamic and exciting. Build in a water slide, for endless fun for the kids. The possibilities are endless, including everything from hot tubs that spill into the pool, to elaborate multi-level water creations that wind their way through your entire yard.

Add A Bridge

As long as you’re putting a water feature in your backyard, consider adding a Japanese style bridge over a stream. Your kids can watch their friends’ jaws drop as they begin conversations with, “So, yesterday I was on our bridge in our backyard – the one over the stream…” Don’t forget to include flowering cherry trees, to complete the idyllic image. And yes, the bridge could also be over a koi pond, with brilliantly colored fish.


“Can we have dinner in the backyard gazebo tonight?” Your answer will always be absolutely yes, when you have the ultimate gazebo. It is fully enclosed, with gazebo sides that open for good weather. It’s heated and air conditioned, has a full modern kitchen, spectacular lighting, and living room quality furniture. Is there a fireplace? No, there are two. There is also a glass dome skylight, Taj Mahal style tapestry, and a full entertainment system, with a 120” video screen. Be the hero of the family and the envy of the neighborhood when you add a gazebo worthy of celebrity.

Fire Features

A fire pit is nice, but why stop there? A multi-level stone fireplace that incorporates a deck and plush seating area might be what you want for an ultimate backyard fire feature. You can have a dozen gas fired tiki torches on the same switch that turns on the fireplace. As long as you’ve run a gas line, why not also incorporate the biggest, best BBQ grill you can find? And since fire pits are nice, you can add several, located all around the yard, in several small, secluded seating areas.


Understated or dramatic, splashy and bright or moody and mysterious, nothing gives you control of the backyard atmosphere like professionally designed lighting. You aren’t limited to one look, either. Have a setting that illuminates bold and strong, for lively parties. Have another setting that creates cool pockets of color and shadow, and everything in between. Fairy lights in the trees transform your backyard into a magical place, low level mushroom lights along walkways add safety and charm, and computer controlled moving lights with color changing and image patterns can turn your backyard into an A-list nightclub. If you are serious about being “ultimate,” incorporate image projection. Your rock landscaping can be transformed into the pyramids of Egypt, the Swiss Alps, or the Amazon rain forest. In fact, make it an interactive video wall, for kids’ birthday parties.

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  1. bn100 says

    fun ideas

  2. Donna L says

    Love it! Looks very relaxing! Thanks for sharing.

  3. athena graeme says

    Some of these remind me of Bali! One of our backyard wishlist items is a balinese sofa, they are wood and super deep, it’s almost like a bed.

  4. Doreen says

    It would be a dream if I had a yard like this! 🙂

  5. Brittany Gilley says

    I hope I can do this someday soon!

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