Tasting Dry Wines With A Sweet Palette

Tasting Dry Wines With A Sweet Palette

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An early lesson in my first wine class was that when evaluating wines, personal preferences are irrelevant. You taste buds change over the yeas. You will find wines you loved for many years just do not hit the same notes they once did. What I like or would personally buy or drink does not matter when comparing wines to their background. All that should be considered when critiquing a wine, is how closely as they adhere to the characteristics that have been established for its variety and style.  Right off the battle looking at these three wines, Kaiken Terroir Series Torrontes Montes Dry Farmed Alpha Cabernet and the Montes Dry Farmed Alpha Syrah, I immediately dismissed them because they look very dry. My personal tastes sit somewhere in the semi-dry mark.

Kaiken Terroir Series Torrontes

One of the best things about wines though is you cannot judge it by its outward looks. After doing a little research and opening it up I realized first impressions can be wrong. The Kaiken Terroir Series Torrontes have a very golden coloring with a faint green hue. It first smells of this are light hints of fresh flowers and tropical fruits. The taste is a balanced acidity with a smooth finish. Because it is so smooth I can enjoy this while chatting with my friends as hey fill me in on their work weeks. It paired very nicely with Shrimp Scampi and I have to say a pleasant new discovery for me!

Kaiken Torrontes Corte Terroir

I know some of you might be tipping your nose at me because I am not the norm in wine tasting. Most people enjoy dry wines and I can appreciate that. I have drastically started headed that way after being introduced to the prosecco era. It is not that I do not like dry wines I simply do not gravitate to them. I can appreciate them once I find one that suits my palette. Which brings me to my next wines I want to talk about.

Montes Dry Farmed Alpha Cabernet

The Montes Dry Farmed Alpha Cabernet and Montes Dry Farmed Alpha Syrah hit me by even more of a surprise than the first wine I tasted.

Firstly, I do not even have a photo of the Montes Dry Farmed Alpha Syrah because my friend and I went through that one night while enjoying dinner. I did not think it right to capture an empty bottle so I apologize for that. These are very similar in the facts they are on the dry spectrum. The Montes Dry Farmed Alpha Syrah has hints of plums, berries, and sweet spices. I really couldn’t put my finger on the exact flavors but those are what really pulled through.

The Montes Dry Farmed Alpha Cabernet also have the top notes of berries maybe even blackberry with a hint of toasted oak. I will say these are both on the acidic side and do not leave you with a smooth finish more of a fresh one. I think they pair nicely with a chicken or even steak dish if you are feeling adventurous.

Tell us what side of the wine spectrum you sit on Sweet or Dry??

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