Two Treats for Your Next Target Run

Two Treats for Your Next Target Run
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It’s no secret Target is one of my favorite sanctuaries. Whether it’s for a quick drive up order or for a moment of solitude without the kids. Target is indeed my favorite place to be. It helps that I am always coming across new items that are pure and filled with fewer chemicals and junk than other products. Some of my favorite items have been found strolling Target’s beauty, cleaning, and even grocery section. Today I share two of my newest finds.

Meli’s Cookies

Meli's Cookies and Minerva Dairy
Minerva Dairy Butter is my favorite butter to use however it is not sold at Target. It is sold at Lowe’s Foods near me. This butter has no additives, hormone free, and comes from American Farms. Find out more information HERE.

Let’s start with the sweets. I LOVE a sweet treat. I didn’t use to have a sweet tooth, but after having kids that has changed drastically. Maybe it’s because I always have to savor these treats in hiding. Usually in the garage pretending to put the recyclables in their bins OR the laundry room pretending to do laundry. The location doesn’t matter though. What matters is that Meli’s Cookies can be found at your local Target or Whole Foods. Target is my preference though.

Meli's Cookies Thawed
Meli’s Cookies – Thawed

Meli’s cookies can be found in the baking aisle as a mix OR in the freezer aisle with a convenient thaw/ready to eat cookies. You can already guess which one is my favorite to go with. Meli’s cookies thaw in 5-10 minutes and are ready to eat. No need to bake! You can find Meli’s cookies in 3 flavors: Original, Choco-lot, and Cashew-licious. They are gluten-free and made with wholesome ingredients.

One thing I really like about the dry mix version of Meli’s Cookies it that there is a recipe on the back to make no-bake energy balls. I also like that the dry mix allows you to use any nut butter of your choice, although a preferred nut butter is listed in the directions. I swapped it up and they turned out great. Nut butter is a great source of protein while Oats are a great source of fiber.

Piggy Paint

Photo Credit: Piggy Paint Website

One other item I recently came across at Target is Piggy Paint Nail Polish. Piggy Paint is a safe, non-toxic, water-based nail polish. Yay for eliminating even more chemicals from products I use on the regular. The best part is my daughters can use Piggy Paint Nail Polish too! Locally, Target seems to have the best selection of Piggy Paint products.

Honestly, I was surprised by how well piggy paint nail polish held up. I painted my 5-year-olds nails about 6 days ago, and they really just started to chip. I did use the Piggy Paint base/top coat so that may have been the game-changer.

What are some of your favorite Target finds?

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