Have A Tropical Getaway Without Leaving Your Home

Have A Tropical Getaway Without Leaving Your Home - Tree Hut Bath and Body Care-Coconut Lime Body wash-Hawaiian Kukui Sugar Scrub-Almond and Honey Body ButterBeauty Brite Disclosure

Keeping your skin hydrated, glowing and looking healthy can be a challenge as the weather changes bringing cooler, drier air as we move through fall and into winter. Less daylight can also cause some to feel blue and find less joy in things they used to find pleasant. I love skin care that pulls double-duty, like those in the Tree Hut Bath and Body Care product lines.

Tree Hut body scrubs and body butters contain skin-conditioning certified organic shea butter that works overtime to provide excellent moisturization for dry, flaky skin. I love this stuff because it gives immediate relief to soften and smooth my skin, making it stronger and more resistant to the itchiness that dry skin can cause. It also helps me to avoid those annoying small skin cracks I sometimes get that can be so painful for me during the winter time.

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