Get Out The Door Fast This Summer

Get Out The Door Fast This Summer - Sally Hansen & Conair


From a young age, I have always loved getting my nails “done”. Something about having them professionally painted was relaxing and they seemed to last forever. Realistically, in my adult life, I do not have extra “me time” to sit at the salon. Not to mention the expensive price tag that comes along with getting your nails done professionally every two weeks!  I will admit, though, I have to have my nails painted otherwise my bad habit of biting them rears its ugly head…. [read more]

Salon Quality Hair Care At Home

Salon Quality HairCare At Home - Infinity Pro by Conair hair dryer in Rose Gold

Beauty Brite Disclosure

Infiniti Pro by Conair® hair dryer in Rose Gold is a really beautiful, shiny, luxurious looking machine. My oldest daughter has been wanting a new hair dryer as hers is pretty old and sometimes overheats. She is a pretty savvy consumer and will often do a lot of research and make several shopping trips to get a good look at products on store shelves or boutique displays before making a selection and purchasing a product that she believes will meet her needs.

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