Get Out The Door Fast This Summer

Get Out The Door Fast This Summer - Sally Hansen & Conair


From a young age, I have always loved getting my nails “done”. Something about having them professionally painted was relaxing and they seemed to last forever. Realistically, in my adult life, I do not have extra “me time” to sit at the salon. Not to mention the expensive price tag that comes along with getting your nails done professionally every two weeks!  I will admit, though, I have to have my nails painted otherwise my bad habit of biting them rears its ugly head…. [read more]

Plump Up Hair, Skin and Nails For The Winter

Plump Up Hair, Skin and Nails For The Winter
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I have always had nice thick hair and pretty skin and nails (hopefully, I don’t sound too full of myself by saying that). But, it’s true. However, about 7 or 8 years ago the skin on my hands began getting extremely dry and would crack and bleed at times…always during the winter. Spring, summer and fall this did not happen. It has been pretty baffling to me what about winter seems to cause this to happen.

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Spooky Fun For Your Eyes and Nails

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Spooky Fun Four Your Eyes and Nails

Ok, so eye makeup and nail polish aren’t spooky, really, but if you are experienced at all with the application of such products you could create some really great effects this Halloween with these great products.

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