Autism: What I Wish I Knew Then

Autism What I Wish I Knew Then
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Autism. It’s just a word. A diagnosis. But i look back today and remember the fear this embarked in me when I first heard the word Autism in relation to my child. I have no idea why except the fact that the potential diagnosis of Autism wasn’t something I expected to hear. I didn’t expect to hear Autism when I took my son for his 15 month wellness visit and I mentioned a lack of words. He didn’t talk much at all then. A few babbles and that was it. Before that moment, I don’t even recall knowing anything about Autism. Just that in my eyes it meant there was something “wrong” with my child. A term I had heard in passing but dismissed as something that doesn’t happen to people like me. I also didn’t know then, that Autism is a word not the end of the world.

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