Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles #the100kinitiative

Water is good for us but not the PLASTIC BOTTLES! Did you know that June is #WorldOceansMonth? Here is a fact that made me very sad- every 3 seconds, 100,000 pounds of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean.

Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles #the100kinitiative
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What the heck…100,000 plastic is dumped in the ocean every 3 seconds! Yes, you did read that correctly.

Stop Using Plastic Bottles

What are we doing to our ocean and what This is a massive threat to marine wildlife and we need to do something about it! Beauty Brite wants to open our reader’s eyes and give them the knowledge to do something.

Here in California, we have whales washing up on our beaches dead- several in the last couple months. Not cool people..not cool! So what can we do…that is the big question we always ask and we have a way that we can HELP!

The 100k Initiative

The 100k Initiative is a campaign started by FOUND Beverage Company in partnership with a non-profit organization, Oceana, the world’s largest ocean advocacy group.

Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles #the100kinitiative

FOUND has created limited edition 100,000 bottles (which represents the number of marine mammals impacted by plastic in the oceans) of their naturally sparkling, infused mineral water, to sell and raise money for Oceana. There are two flavors Cucumber Mint and Elderflower that we can purchase to help raise the money for the oceans.

Buy GLASS Bottles

Each bottle has its own individual number that represents one marine mammal. Also, the artwork was created by a globally acclaimed artist, Amit Greenberg. The idea is to represent the marine mammals, and he did such an amazing job on the artwork.

Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles #the100kinitiative

Another cool thing about these glass water bottles is you can REUSE them as a vase after you have drunk the yummy water. My daughter is going to decorate a couple for her room too. Get creative and do your part!

Oceana will use 100% of the proceeds to help protect the oceans and wildlife.  Plastic is destroying the ocean!

Now the 100k Initiative is not just about raising money but AWARENESS to change consumer’s behavior on single-use plastics. We need to stop buying plastic water bottles and also demand companies and the government to STOP providing these choices and create steps towards reducing plastic use altogether. Sounds easy right, no it’snot so that is why this initiative is important.

Here are some ways you can HELP:

Stop Buying Plastic Water Bottles #the100kinitiative

Let’s start helping to save ocean wildlife, not harm them anymore. Stop buying plastic and go GLASS! Are going to a party or a BBQ soon then order these cool water bottles and giveaway to your friends- start creating awareness in your circle.  Every little bit helps and the ocean will be better off we all do our part!

Leave a comment on how you want to help the ocean mammals.


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