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Smart Gifts For Dad -- Xtra-PC -- KeySmart

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When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, I’m always on the hunt for practical, cool items that I know my husband will enjoy. Fortunately, I had much better luck this year than in previous years. I’m excited to share with you two awesome gifts that any Dad or Grandpa is sure to enjoy!

Smart Gifts For Dad -- KeySmart

Key Smart Pro is one of the most resourceful gifts for Dads and Grandpas! Let’s face it, it’s uncomfortable for a guy to carry his keys around in his pocket all day. Letting them jingle from a belt loop isn’t much better, either.

KeySmart Pro is the solution for keeping keys organized and highly portable. It is very durable, made from polycarbonate plastic – which is both shatterproof and scratch proof. The “S” design allows you to hold up to 50 keys on one unit! I also like that the jagged side of the key is concealed, allowing for easier access.

KeySmart Pro Technology

My favorite feature is the Tile Smart Location Tracking. What a cool idea! Tile Smart Tracking allows you to locate your keys from your phone, no more frantic morning searching for lost keys before work! You can also use the Tile Smart Tracking to locate your phone from your keys.

Wondering if KeySmart Pro will be able to accommodate your keys?  It fits all flat keys up to 2.5”!


Check out this quick video for an easy tutorial on how to assemble the KeySmart Pro:


Xtra-PC  is another awesome gift option! Our household PC had become so sluggish, and no amount of scans or wipes ever seemed to properly clean it. It had become such a pain, we stopped using it.

Before long, it looked like a massive PC paper weight that gathered dust in our office. It was sad, because it had once been a really great computer, it just needed some new life breathed back into it.


Thankfully, we discovered Xtra-PC! This product is a flash drive stick that inserts into your PC’s USB port. Based on the Linux system, it bypasses the Windows operating system that is slowing down your PC. However, Xtra-PC’s operating system will look just like Windows, so you won’t be able to tell the difference! Your existing information, files, and computer will remain unaltered. Xtra-PC will even work if your computer is missing a hard drive.

Check out this video to see Xtra-PC in action:


I never dreamed that it would be this easy to get my PC working like new again! You can’t beat the value of Xtra-PC, it’s a much better soltuion than buying a whole new computer. This is a gift for Dad that will be greatly appreciated, especially if they spend any appreciable amount of time on their computer.

Xtra-PC Instructions


Hope you’ve enjoyed these unique, smart, and thoughtful gifts for Dads and Grandfathers! What gifts are you planning to get the special Dad in your life?


For More on These Great Products:

KeySmart: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest

Xtra-PC:  Website / Facebook / Twitter





Smart Gifts For Dad

Smart Gifts For Dad

Smart Gifts For Dad

Smart Gifts For Dad

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  1. The last one gift idea sounds pretty cool. All men love different technology stuff 🙂

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