September 11th 16 Years Later

September 11th 16 Years Later

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks. I originally wrote a post on the 10th anniversary but that post was deleted by mistake. When I discovered I deleted my original post, I have been meaning to re-write the post. This year, I decided to finally get my thoughts out and share what I remember.

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Do you remember where you were? Do you remember life before our country changed?

I was living in Northern California not far from work. I was working at a hotel at the time. It happened to be my day off, so I “slept in” a bit. I believe I woke up around 7am that morning and turned on the television and saw the news. It took me a moment to realize what was happening.

I remember being in shock as I called my mom. I could tell she had stayed up all night, so when I called, she was just heading to bed. I remember trying to explain to her that a plane had crashed into a building and I don’t think she understood the impact of what was happening because she called me later that day after watching the news.

Looking back, I am thankful I was off that day. I don’t think I could process what was happening nor function at work. It sounded like a crazy day, especially at the hotel. The hospitality/travel industry took the biggest impact because our guests were stuck at the hotel and airlines were grounded.

Everyone was on high alert.

My entire day was spent watching the news. I didn’t see the first tower hit (live) but I did watch the second tower hit live on television. I also saw both towers fall. I remember the news stations replayed the towers being hit over and over. It was total chaos.

My boyfriend at the time also had the day off. We both worked at the same hotel. It helped to have someone to watch the news with.

World Trade Center Twin Towers

We watched in horror as people ran as the towers fell. We saw people covered in debris We watched people searching for loved ones, family, and friends. We watched people jump from the towers. It was horrific.

What do you recall that day? Feel free to share your story in comments, we would love to read about your experience.

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  1. I still remember where I was and how I heard about everything. Hard to believe it was that long ago.

  2. tat2gurlzrock says

    I can’t believe it has been 16 years. Doesn’t seem that long ago.

  3. I still remember the moment I found about the plane attacks.

  4. It doesn’t seem that long ago.It was a awful day.

  5. I once stayed at one of the hotels that was destroyed in the attack. So odd to go to New York now and it’s not there.

  6. I was in school a half-country away from my family on the east coast that day, and I remember how surreal it all felt, and how detached everyone around me seemed from the horror, when I had family members who were missing for several days…it was very scary!

  7. I was at work, and it seemed very surreal. I remember my supervisor just kept right on working all day. Many ppl went downstairs where there was a screen you could view. I recall being scared for weeks, the streets were empty, we had test sirens.

  8. Such a sad day in the history of the US. I remember that I had just moved to another state and was still unpacking when the tragedy came on the television.

  9. I was at work when the news spread. This is a day that will forever be remembered

  10. Anna Mitchell says

    I was a young kid in school. I don’t really remember that day to be honest.

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