Restore Healthy Hair To Its Fullest

Restore Healthy Hair To Its Fullest

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When I was a teenager I used to think that my hair was indestructible, I’d dye it whenever the whim hit me and not think twice. I never knew the damage I was causing, much less care. Well, now that I’m turning Thirty next year I’m suffering some major hair hazards and breakage. Now my hair is breaking and falling out in the clump fulls, to the point where I have some hair in the front that has broken off so short it’s less than an inch long. When that happened I decided to start doing research and find out what is going on and how I can fix it and restore healthy hair.

What are the causes of thinning hair and hair loss?

Hair Damage

Pregnancy and vitamin deficiency is one of the most common reasons for hair damage and hair loss. I’ve had four children in seven years, which means my body has been under almost constant strain or stress from either pregnancy or nursing. Both of which will drain your body of its most important needs. Your growing baby is going to take what it needs to grow and flourish from your body, even though it doesn’t mean too. This is why it’s so important to find the perfect multivitamin or prenatal/postnatal vitamins. The perfect vitamins will help restore healthy hair.

Another common problem causing broken and damaged hair is often an undiagnosed underlying medical condition. One of the most common medical conditions, when I first started mentioning my hair loss to friends was a problem with the thyroid. After learning this tended to be a common denominator in a lot of people that I knew I decided to visit my doctor and have her run a full thyroid panel on me to check my labs. While everything was ok, it was one thing I could cross off my list of possible reasons for my major hair loss.

Stress and Anxiety are another reason for damaged and broken hair. I suffer from chronic anxiety, sometimes it’s crippling. This puts my body in crisis mode almost constantly, meaning things don’t quite work the way they are supposed too. As hair has four different growing phases, and basically stress causes hair to get stuck in the “shedding phase” ( also known as exogen phase ) and this basically means that it could fall out at any time.  Cobb, Cynthia ( 2018 January 25 ) Does Stress Cause Hair Loss

JuveTress Hairwash and Conditioner

Additionally, a lot of damage can come from the way you treat your hair in general such as coloring and heat damage. I know my hair has taken a beating over the years for sure. So finding a great shampoo and conditioning treatment has been hard but I finally realized that I had to do something to restore healthy hair. I found the JuveTress products on my search for help! These products help to protect and restore healthy hair. When I first started using the JuveTress Hair Wash and Conditioners the first thing I noticed is the difference in the feel of the products. Where other shampoos and conditioners were very thin and light the JuveTress actually felt thick and like it was actually working in my hair vs washing right off. Pairing with the Revitalizing Hair Therapy, to restore your hair health all the way to the root level. This is the perfect system to help fix those years of damage. Now that I’ve been using it for a little over a month I can tell my hair is a lot shinier and less brittle.

Revitalizing Hair Therapy

Healthier Hair

All in all, there are so many things that can cause hair damage and loss. Be sure to consult with a doctor if you start to notice a major hair loss so you can try and nail down the problem. I hope these suggestions will help you restore healthy hair.

Restore healthy hair to its fullest!



  1. Kimberley says

    These sound like some pretty amazing products for my hair. Since having kids, my hair has suffered. I’ll be sure to check out these products! Thank you for your insights!

  2. With kids and age, my hair has definitely changed over the years. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Speaking as a breast cancer survivor, I experienced major hair loss as part of my radiation/chemotherapy treatment. As I started to get well again, my hair came back but it did take a long time. Many people do have problems with their hair for a variety of reasons and it’s great to read your experience and how JuveTress has helped.

  4. WOW the results are amazing. I have to share this with someone that I know, they will really love this

  5. From past some time I experience a larger amount of hair loss, I tried many products but still, the problem is same. But after reading your blog I think that this product is going to help. Thanks a lot for sharing this review keep posting…

  6. I also experienced hair loss because of my illness and I know how important they are to feel good and pretty. The results are amazing. Thanks for your review, I will keep it in mind.

  7. Nice. I have terrible hair. Instead of being brittle, though, mine is stretchy. Weird, I know, but I have a genetic condition that makes my connective tissues all screwy. I find that high-collagen conditioners are great for this problem.

  8. I need these products in my life. Unfortunately, after having my daughter I have experienced so much shredding. I need to get my hair healthy again.

  9. I definitely can relate I used to dye my hair as well and I had to learn the hard way, that hair cannot withstand everything. I have learned that deep conditioning and cold water washes are amazing for my hair. I’m glad that you found products that work for you! Your hair is looking beautiful and healthy!

  10. Wow I need something like this. My hair has felt so damaged recently. I will have to try.

  11. My hair has been so damaged lately. I really need to try some of these.

  12. Folabest says

    Thanks for sharing this, these are super cool product for a healthy hair.

  13. Lex says

    Good to know what our hairs can carry and also know the right food and environment it needs too… Nice to have such experience and have to share. Awesome…. Recommending this right away for female friends of mine.

  14. Katie says

    This sounds like a helpful product. I’m especially looking for hair thickener for my kids, their hair is so thin

  15. Elizabeth O says

    What a great product! Sounds good product for the hairs. Thanks for telling about this.

  16. Nicol says

    I need something like this. My hair has been noticeably thinner due to stress and a bad diet.

  17. Angel says

    Thanks for sharing this product and tips. Perhaps I’ll pass this along to my colleague since she has been undergoing a similar situation.

  18. Jasmeet Singh says

    I am facing the same issues: hair loss problems! Thank you for sharing this product line and tips, I will try these out!

  19. Lisa Rios says

    I’ve always taken care of my luscious long silky hair, but my mom and sister do not do so! Theirs is very tangly, gnarly, and falls out. They could use this stuff!

  20. Joy says

    Thank you for sharing this. That definitely looks like a great brand. I will be sure to share the great news. Great post!

  21. I have not heard of this haircare products before. I got to try the revitalizing conditioner. I’m always on the lookout for new products to try!

  22. Kylie says

    Wow! I’m so sorry that this is something you’re struggling with, at least you’ve found a good remedy? I have a friend who has something similar, I’ve forwarded this post onto her so she can give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing!

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