Repair Two Years Of Hair Damage In Less Than Two Minutes

Repair Two Years Of Hair Damage In Less Than Two Minutes
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We all want healthier, shinier more beautiful hair and this system claims to repair two years of hair damage in less than two minutes when three products are used together as a system. Infusium 23® Repair + Renew Collection, including shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment claims to repair, restore, and restructure damaged hair with its special formula – which includes keratin and argan oil.

Protein-rich keratin fortifies hair while argan oil prevents future damage. Five benefits delivered through this system are as follows:

  • Helps repair surface damage, enhances moisture content
  • Delivers excellent moisture-retention
  • Restores softness, smoothness & shine
  • Accelerated the renewal process
  • promotes salon-proven results

Infusium 23® Repair + Renew Shampoo is the first step in this 3-pronged approach. It will fortify hair to strengthen it while also repairing past damage.

Infusium 23® Repair + Renew Conditioner recharges, renews and treats dull, damaged, stressed-out hair with a system of conditioners and shine enhancers and proteins to restore your hair’s vibrancy.

Infusium 23® Repair + Renew Leave-In Treatment reduces split-ends and tames flyaways, also protecting hair against future damage. It also acts as a detangler for wet or dry hair and is gentle enough to be used every day.

Repair Two Years Of Hair Damage In Less Than Two Minutes

First of all, I want to sing the praises of the leave-in treatment. My hair is long and thick (even though I had it thinned out for summer) and it doesn’t matter if I completely comb every snarl out of it before jumping into the bathtub or shower, I always have a hard time brushing it afterward. It doesn’t matter if I use a brush or a wide toothed comb (like the ones for people with permed hair), it is so aggravating. The shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel great, so soft and manageable! I really, really like it!!

The very first time I used the Infusium 23® Repair + Renew System I was absolutely amazed at the difference it made. After washing and conditioning with the Infusium products in the shower, I just sprayed about half a dozen pumps of the leave-in treatment product around my hair and commenced to combing. Expecting to have to unsnarl the clumps, I was shocked that I was able to comb through my hair with relative ease! Seriously, no frustration, no cussing, no hating every minute of it! Also, it’s worth mentioning that my hair lately has felt super soft, much more manageable and less frizzy. I hate those flyaways, my hair seems to draw static out of thin air. And even when it does, a few quick spritzes of the leave-in treatment and running my hands through it to distribute gets it under control fast! That sometimes delicate skin on my scalp also feels healthier after having tried this hair care system for a couple of weeks.

Infusium 23® products are very affordable, ranging in price from $5.99-$9.99 (depending on product type and size). An additional item available in this product line, that will benefits those who use heated hair tools, is the Infusium 23® Repair + Renew Heat Tamer.

You can find this great line of products at Rite Aid, Kroger, Walgreens and Walmart. And I highly recommend giving it a try in place of your regular hair care regimen if you are looking for something different. Same as everyone, I am skeptical about trying new products because I’m afraid if I don’t like them it will feel like I wasted money. But, this one’s a keeper and I will be purchasing more to replenish my supply when it runs low, for sure.

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Disclaimer: Above pictured products were received free to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.

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