A Personalized Gift At Your Fingertips

A Personalized Gift At Your Fingertips
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Halloween has passed and it’s time to get this holiday gift shopping started. I know it’s still early but some gifts take time. Especially the ones that come straight from the heart and are packed with sentimental value. There is also the time it takes for the item to be made as well as for the item to arrive. Factor in an unfortunate shipping nightmare where your package potentially gets lost, misplaced or damaged during transit. Nothing worse than showing up to an event empty-handed because your gift didn’t arrive in time. I’ve found the perfect personalized gift for this holiday season with just the right amount of sentiment and uniqueness.

Collage Sherpa Fleece Photo Blanket
Photo Credit: Collage

Personalized gifts are one of my absolute favorites. Collage.com has made personalizing gifts that much easier. As simple as a few taps on your phone, with a selection of photos from your gallery, and your shopping is complete!

Collage.com provides a variety of personalized items rangings from phone cases, mugs, blankets, and even photo books. The possibilities and layouts are endless and they truly provide the groundwork for you to customize the item of your choice to the fullest extent. Most companies provide only a few layouts for photos and even fewer options for background colors for your photo.

Sherpa Photo Blanket

Collage.com Sherpa Photo Blanket
This is what my projected blanket would look like once printed.

My Birthday is coming up and I really wanted to order a little something special for myself. My kids are still too young to pick a gift for me so I gladly picked my own this year. I ordered a Sherpa Photo Blanket from collage.com with some of my dearest memories. Honestly, the blanket is so large and well made, I could have even added more photos to my blanket with no issues! And lets be honest – you can never go wrong when it comes to gifting a blanket. Blankets are the epitome of gifts in my opinion. Especially as a personlized gift to that special person on your gift list.

Collage Sherpa Photo Blanket
This is what it actually looked like! excuse the few wrinkles but this blanket turned out phenomenal!

I received my Sherpa Photo Blanket very quickly actually. Within a week of when I ordered and as I stated before the quality is impeccable. I will be spending many winter nights snuggled in this blanket. My kids enjoyed the concept of photos on the blanket so much, I will have to submit an order for them before Christmas too.

The thing I really like about collage.com is that what you see on the website, is exactly what you are going to get. So you can order with confidence that you are going to receive exactly what you order with a quality that can’t be beaten.

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What personalized gift will you be ordering from collage.com?

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