Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

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Perky Jerky Bold Flavors and Tender Texture

My family loves Jerky but some brands are far better than others and we found the brand we like Perky Jerky! They just introduced a new product that takes this brand to another level, we now can enjoy PORK.  They already do beef and turkey but bringing the pork is going to blow the competition away!

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

Please look for Pork Perky Jerky in the stores in June 2018. Look for at Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, ShopRite, and Publix. 

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

Perky Jerky has the most tender (for real too), flavorful, and bold taste indeed. I enjoyed the texture of the jerky the most, so tender and not so chewy.  Yes, I know jerky is chewy but sometimes too chewy but not Perky Jerky. There are less than 80 (or less) calories per serving, low-fat, 8 grams of protein and gluten-free! Natural ingredients make this jerky the best tasting jerky on the earth. Also free of nitrates, preservation’s, and has no added MSG.


If you are looking for high protein, low carbs snacks then you need to get you a couple bags of Perky Jerky.  Sitting at my desk all day I tend to get snack attacks all day and so I’ve been pulling out Perky Jerky bags and it just hits the spot. Also, I was able to try out the TURKEY STICKS- oh my these are so good.  I love that they are perfect for my purse and so when I need a snack, grab a turkey stick.

Perky Jerky Best Tasting Jerky On Earth

The new pork jerky flavors are Moutain Maple (my favorite), Asian Five Spice (kids favorite) and Coconut Curry. My favorite is the Moutain Maple and yes I ate it for breakfast on the go one day. Perky Jerky nailed the pork because they use high-quality cuts of pork, the marinating process and using natural ingredients makes for a tasty snack. I will admit I like the texture of Perky Jerky.

Please learn more about Perky Jerky and the new pork line- 




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