Perfect Your Fall Look

 Perfect Your Fall Look

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Fall is in full orange, brown, and yellow bloom. Pumpkin spice is everywhere, and soon we’ll be enjoying some a crisp chill in the air. As we embrace the new season, it’s also time to embrace a new Japonesque Velvet Touch Face Palette.

In my last fall post, I shared my thoughts on getting fall ready with Coola’s BB+ Cream and Makeup Setting Spray. Today, I going to show you how you can perfect your look with Japonesque’s contour, blush, and highlight pro palette.

I’ve been a fan of Japonesque ever since I received one of their amazing brushes in a Wantable box. Since then, I’ve tried out a few more products and have always been impressed by their quality, longevity, and performance. This new Velvet Touch Face Palette is no exception.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Face Palette

The Velvet Touch Face Palette features three of Japonesque’s top selling blushes, along with a limited edition contour and highlight. The first thing I noticed about this palette was the creamy texture of all five products. They do kick up some powder when you stick your brush in the palette, but nothing major. The only unfortunate thing about this kick-up is that it gets all over the solid black palette.

One of my favorite things about the Velvet Touch Face Palette is the variety of the three blushes. There is a cool bright pink, soft peachy nude, and a peach coral with gold reflects. Having three options makes this palette an ideal tool for creating any look on different skin tones. I really like the pigmentation and staying power of these blushes. They blend out easily and can also be built-up for those who like to rock a strong, flushed look.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Face Palette Swatches

The luminous pearl sheen/white gold highlighter and medium tan matte contour also feature the same buttery feel of the blushes. I really like the look of the highlighter and how it refracts the light. It provides a subtle glow to this pale girl’s face. I’m not sure if this highlight will work on every skin tone because of its opalescent nature. I think this palette could have benefited from the addition of a second highlight, perhaps in a gold tone, to make it more useable for dark skin hues.

Like the blushes and highlighter, the contour/bronzer  is easy to blend and build. Since I don’t tan and never will, I don’t tend to wear much bronzer. I use it mainly to warm up my face and slightly contour my cheeks. Unlike the highlighter, I do think the contour is suitable for most, if not all, skin tones, especially since you can build it up.

Japonesque Velvet Touch Palette Look

If you’re looking for a versatile face palette to perfect your fall looks, I highly recommend checking out the cruelty-free Japonesque Velvet Touch Face Palette. You can find it at your local Ulta and

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  1. WOW you look amazing. the shades of these colors are beautiful.

  2. Those are all pretty colors. You did a great job putting the blush on, it’s just the right amount and it looks great. I always ended up looking funny because I don’t apply it right.

  3. I just love the colors of fall. These look great on you! I would love to try them!

  4. terristeffes says

    I love how the blush looks on you. Just enough color to accent your eyes but not too much to look overdone. I have never used contour powders.

  5. Debra says

    These colors look great on you – Thanks for sharing such a great product to us!

  6. You look gorgeous. Those shades suit you. I’ve heard of this brand, but iI haven’t tried it, yet.

  7. Kim says

    It looks like you could contour with the face palette too. I love that they mixed some pinks and mauves! Very pretty.

  8. I love these shades! What a great color palette! I’ve not heard of this brand but I will have to check it out.

  9. Megan mccoig says

    This is such a beautiful palette. I love the blush shades, so perfect for fall! Will check this out

  10. I’ve never heard of this set before, but then again don’t really wear much make-up. Love the colors of the palette, it’s perfect for the season!

  11. Angela says

    Wow! You look great and I love the palette of colors. I could use some freshening up, so will have to give it a try 🙂

  12. What a gorgeous palette! I love it! May need to pick one up now for myself. I am a sucker for a good highlight.

  13. rosepetalsinthesea says

    I have heard of this brand, but I have never personally use it. What a beautiful palette, though! – HilLesha

  14. Dana Vento says

    Wow, you look so beautiful! It suits your face, love it!

  15. Kiwi says

    This palette looks very pigmented. Looks natural and light on your application!

  16. almostindianwife says

    I’ve never been too into blushes, but I’ve always wanted to learn the right way to use them. I absolutely love bronzers!

  17. fabinfayette says

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but the colors are so pretty and I just love the shimmer!

  18. You had me at cruelty free! I definitely want to check out this line! Ulta here I come. Haha!

  19. You look gorgeous! I love fall colors and will have to try these-looks like an amazing brand!

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